How To Post Multiple Images To Twitter

Last weekend we reported from the Kelowna Apple Triathlon on Twitter and I wished for an option to post more than one picture to Twitter at the same time.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that Twitter had just released an update to their Android and iOS apps that allows us to do just that!

We can now upload multiple images to Twitter! Here is how it works:


What Is A Hashtag? -

Love them or hate them #Hashtags are an important part of our online lives. They appear on TV screens, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and I probably forgot a few. But How do they work? And what does a #hashtag really do? How do you figure out what they mean? I address all these questions  in(…)


This Is What The Ideal Social Network For Business Looks Like

My initial answer to the question above was: “Hasn’t been invented yet” but of course Mhairi Petrovic from Out-Smarts didn’t let me get away with that and asked what my ideal Social Network would look like.

Before I get into the answer I need to make one point clear: I don’t see how any Social Media tool could be successful for business without appealing to the general public. Any successful tool needs to work in our private life so it can be successful for business.

Let’s cook up our own Social Media tool:

cook up a social media networkMy Ideal Social Network for business would combine the best features of all existing ones and then some:


How to Remove Pesky Fake Followers From Your Twitter Account

Did you know that fake followers can be damaging to your reputation! Some Social Media experts suggest buying follower numbers to inflate your numbers. For me, this is a misinterpretation of the term Social proof. The example I use to explain Social Proof is this: You have two coffee shops side by side. One of(…)


Reinventing the List - 10 Answers about Social Content

I used to hate lists :-) . It took the invention of to cure me from this phobia. Now I don’t only use lists in my content regularly but I use list apps to organize my work and my life. Listly has taken the fact that lists are everywhere to the next level. Now lists are the best way to bring social content into content creation.


Margaret Atwood on Twitter

As of yesterday I am a fan of Margaret Atwood @MargaretAtwood! The Canadian national TV station CBC aired an interview with Peter Mansbridge (One on One with Peter Mansbridge). Some Quotes from the Interview: “Twitter will not ruin literature any more than telegrams did” “Go back and read all of your Sherlock Holmes over again: Watson(…)


How To Add an Official Twitter Widget to a Custom Facebook App

Don’t worry, while the title of this post sounds really technical, adding a custom Facebook app with a Twitter widget is actually quite easy.

On August 29th I had the pleasure to give a little “How to Tweet from Your Event” session to organizers of the Central Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair taking place in Kelowna this weekend.


[Warning] Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets - Embedding Tweets Is Easy

Wow I just read Daniel Hebert’s article on Steamfeed

Warning! Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets

The post talks about a new tool called “lemmetweetthatforyou” (no, I will not condone it by linking to it). You can use it to fake a tweet sent by anybody. What is presented as a fun prank-like tool can be extremely dangerous to your reputation.


Quality Content + Conversations + Relationships = ROI My Interview with Robert Caruso

In a recent Heckler’s Hangout Robert Caruso, founder of Bundlepost mentioned some intriguing numbers confirming this statement. I was intreagued and chatted with him about this. Our Hangout was too interesting to chop into pieces so I just posted (almost) the whole 20 minutes above. Don’t worry though - I’ll give you the juicy bits below and in an Infographic below.


Social Capital or 24 Ways To Help Your Friends Online

I’m not sure if we can create attention-savings-accounts but we can certainly enjoy spending the attention currency. We can learn to spend it wisely and we can choose consciously where we spend it! How about spending it on your friends, your favourite causes or even your favourite brands?

Let’s explore some ways to use your Social Capital


Avoid Most Auto-DMs on Twitter

The more people you follow on Twitter the more you will find your Direct Message (DM) box fill up. Many of my friends will not even look at their DMs anymore unless you let them know that you sent them something in private. But there is a magic bullet to get rid of auto-DMs


Social Media Doesn’t Give Us a Voice, But Amplifies It

Social media is the revolutionary tool of the new millennium. Revolutionaries no longer wield swords or are on the attack like in previous eras. The Syrian revolutionary is in the form of a citizen journalist; one of the most noble, important and dangerous roles of the revolution. They are equipped with camera phones or maybe camcorders, and film tragedy on a daily basis.


#SMPanel Recording of the Panel Event on December 16th 2011

On December 16th 2011 I invited 5 Social Media users to talk about the impact of Social Media on Democracy - The video clips below are a documentation of this very interesting evening and I invite you to browse them or watch them in sequence. The idea for the event was in context with the recent municipal election but also with a CBC Media Panel


4 Tools to Present Information from the Digital Stream

Just before the end of this exciting year I remembered two of the most publicized predictions about new developments in digital media:

Video and Data Curation tools are going to make big waves in 2011

While video certainly continues to gain importance on web sites, blogs and Social Media I don’t see anything you would call an amazing game changer.
However I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of my favourite data aggregation and curation tools.
We often struggle to keep track of the bits of information we find along the way. In the true spirit of Social Media we want to share the knowledge with as many others as we can. Sometimes we simply want to find these data bits at a later date.


Panel Discussion: Social Media and Democracy

From the Arab Spring to the Recent Municipal Elections - the Social Media Revolution is reshaping our democracies - or is it?
Is Social Media a fad? Are the changes in the way we perceive and report politics less dramatic than they seem?
How do we deal with the influence of digital media channels?


Gingerbread Twitter House

And so they did, the twitter birds sent out tweets, posted pictures on Facebook and Blogged about the incident. Soon the story trended on Twitter worldwide and drew attention to the two victims.

Hansel and Gretel were allowed to stay in the community if they wanted and the old activist told the story to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Dragon Boat Team in Kelowna BC.

To commemorate this story of hardship, rescue and social media use the Red Hot Chilli Paddlers organize a Gingerbreadhouse Event every year. The Funds raised are used to help the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club make more children happy and the Twitter birds come every year and help promote the #GingerbreadEvent on Social Media.


Is Social Media a News Network?

It is easy to see that what we call Social Media today is well on the way to become a major factor in our lives. This change parallels our desire for taking charge of our lives. Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube make all users equal. I (theoretically) have the same option to create a Media Outlet as the professional publisher.