How To Avoid Spreading Fake News Like A Pro

“Fake News” will certainly be a hot contender for “Word of The Year 2017”. But don’t worry, despite the fact that the term “Fake News” is a favourite expression of the 45th president of the United States this is not a post about politics.
With this article I want to:
– Point out why this topic is important for all content creators and Social Media users
– Show a few tell-tale signs of unreliable information
– Report what does Facebook do to fight fake news?
– Introduce sites that help to quickly check the truthfulness of a post we see
– Share what I learned from a professional journalist about how to make sure you get the full story

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

One of the biggest fears of many small businesses when beginning to use Social Media tools is that of negative reviews. I talk a lot about the benefits of an active online presence but there is a dark side to this publicity.

In this article I talk about what happens if you are NOT present in the online space.
I interview the renown customer service expert Roy Prevost about what to do about customer complaints.
And finally, I will show you how to handle complaints on Facebook. With a special appearance by the brilliant and funny Tara Hunt.

How to Create Amazing Featured Images in Under 2 Minutes

With more and more content published on the Internet every day, we are struggling to stay visible. There are several ways to react to “Content Shock” (See Mark Schaefer’s book “The Content Code”). The most common ones are more output and higher quality. Creating custom images is an important part of igniting your content. More […]

How To Post Multiple Images To Twitter

Last weekend we reported from the Kelowna Apple Triathlon on Twitter and I wished for an option to post more than one picture to Twitter at the same time.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that Twitter had just released an update to their Android and iOS apps that allows us to do just that!

We can now upload multiple images to Twitter! Here is how it works:

Tool Tip: Create Powerful Images in Minutes

Do you love quotes? Would you like to create your own awesome images with filters and Text? Then check out this Tool Tip: Since I started using Instagram I really enjoy creating my own images and sharing them online. There are many apps to add quotes and filters to Instagram but I was looking for […]

Twitter Followers and Following –

  [media_video fw_shortcode_id=”1″] In today’s episode of I explain how I tackle questions around Twitter followers.  What is Social Proof? Who to follow? Follow everyone back? How to find fake followers? I hope you enjoyed this replay and I would love to see you in the live webinar next week! If you have burning […]