Missinglettr – Amazing Social Media Posts Made For You

Today I am excited to interview the gentlemen behind Missinglettr* A tool that I have discovered recently that automagically creates and schedules Social Media posts, complete with images based on my text.
I invite you to listen to this interesting interview and let me know what you think either in the comments or by sending an email to [email protected]

How to Create Amazing Featured Images in Under 2 Minutes

With more and more content published on the Internet every day, we are struggling to stay visible. There are several ways to react to “Content Shock” (See Mark Schaefer’s book “The Content Code”). The most common ones are more output and higher quality. Creating custom images is an important part of igniting your content. More […]

Win The Content Game With The Most Amazing Headlines

Most of us spend much more time creating content than creating a headline. But if you think about how we decide what to click on the internet the headline is much too important to be an afterthought. In this post, I asked Larry Arrance about how he approaches headlines as a professional writer. I also introduce a few tools that make writing effective headlines much more effective.

How To Write a Good Testimonial

Testimonials are important statements that should not be missing from any website or LinkedIn profile! Careful, though – if you fake testimonials or buy them you will eventually get caught and will lose all trust of your prospective customers. To prevent any suspicion I always link to the original source of the recommendation – usually […]

How To Remove Tags on Facebook

In Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter) you can “tag” someone in a picture so they get notified. These pictures go into the “Pictures of you” stream on Facebook and depending on the users’ privacy settings, everybody can see them. Tagging others in pictures is a great way of sharing pictures with your friends. I really like it […]

How To Get Started With Blogging – Find Your Blogging Voice

How to find your blogging voice?
The voices of Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston are very distinctive. When you hear them sing, you instantly know it’s them. In writing, your writing voice needs to be distinct as well. It should reflect who you are and how you normally talk.

How To Reach Young Readers With Awesome Messaging – Guest Post By Cathryn Wellner

My friend Cathryn Wellner has a wonderful blog called This Gives Me Hope where she is well on her way to post 1001 stories that give us hope. Today she posted a story that touched me on many different levels. The way the Melbourne Transit authority gets their message across is a great example how we can touch our audiences so much better if we create engaging and unique content.

LinkedIn Endorsements Are The New Mini-Recommendations

A while ago LinkedIn started to ask us to add skills to our profiles. At first I figured that this was to highlight keywords I want to be found by. While this is still one of the main functions you noticed that we can now endorse our contacts.

I called up my friend Colin Parker from Red Giraffe Strategic Sales and Marketing, get his expert opinion on this.