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Has Someone Stolen Your Content?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ~Charles Caleb Colton Imitation maybe, but stealing content is no flattery - it’s plagiarism. In our new sharing society the boundaries between sharing and stealing sometimes seem blurry. I will write about the difference between sharing and stealing content in one of my next posts. This one deals […]

Using The Constant Contact Autoresponder

Disclaimer: I am an Authorized Local Expert of Constant Contact. The content below should apply to all professional email marketing tools. Marketing automation does have a pretty bad reputation and not without reason. However, using the right tools like an autoresponder series or scheduling Social Media updates can actually improve the customer experience, lead to more […]

Tool Tip: Create Powerful Images in Minutes

Do you love quotes? Would you like to create your own awesome images with filters and Text? Then check out this Tool Tip: Since I started using Instagram I really enjoy creating my own images and sharing them online. There are many apps to add quotes and filters to Instagram but I was looking for […]

Getting Your Podcast Ready for iTunes

This guest post is the first one of a series of posts that talk about podcasting. Stay tuned for more in depth information and my own podcasts soon Getting Your Podcast Ready for iTunes Thousands of people create podcasts for iTunes. Not every podcast becomes a top seller. There’s a reason for this, and it […]

How to Remove Pesky Fake Followers From Your Twitter Account

Did you know that fake followers can be damaging to your reputation! Some Social Media experts suggest buying follower numbers to inflate your numbers. For me, this is a misinterpretation of the term Social proof. The example I use to explain Social Proof is this: You have two coffee shops side by side. One of […]

Feline Magic - Why Cat Videos Work

In conversations with Social Media sceptics I often detect a clear misunderstanding of the effect of cute dog pictures or cat videos. Some even go so far to use these as examples for condemning anything that doesn’t have 100% serious content as “fluff” and unworthy of attention. Feline Magic - Why Cat Videos Work was […]

How To Add an Official Twitter Widget to a Custom Facebook App

Don’t worry, while the title of this post sounds really technical, adding a custom Facebook app with a Twitter widget is actually quite easy. On August 29th I had the pleasure to give a little “How to Tweet from Your Event” session to organizers of the Central Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair taking place in Kelowna […]


How To Insert Video Into Your WordPress Posts and Pages

Video is one of the hot topics for anything Internet, Social Media and marketing related. While there are still a number of people prefer reading content, more people than ever before watch videos to be informed and entertained. In this article you will learn how to insert video elements into your posts or pages to […]

Use a Badge on Your Profile to Support Your Cause!

If you have a cause you want to promote or an opinion you want to express and you want to reach your whole Social Media networks you can dress up your Avatar with a badge. I’ve been using for years and it’s great for this. Use a Badge on Your Profile to Support Your […]

[Warning] Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets - Embedding Tweets Is Easy

Wow I just read Daniel Hebert’s article on Steamfeed Warning! Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets The post talks about a new tool called “lemmetweetthatforyou” (no, I will not condone it by linking to it). You can use it to fake a tweet sent by anybody. What is presented as a fun prank-like tool can […]

Social Capital or 24 Ways To Help Your Friends Online

I’m not sure if we can create attention-savings-accounts but we can certainly enjoy spending the attention currency. We can learn to spend it wisely and we can choose consciously where we spend it! How about spending it on your friends, your favourite causes or even your favourite brands? Let’s explore some ways to use your […]

How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children From Cyber Bullying

Mobiflock offers security and parent control systems for mobile devices. Our “Digital Natives” grow up with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that is a good thing when done right! The challenge is to protect our children from predators like in Amanda Todd’s case or from bullies. How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children […]

Facebook Page Infographic

Facebook Pages Are The Only Way To Promote Your Business Or Organization!

Using Facebook Profiles for anything other than a real person has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service since Pages were introduced but nobody seemed to do much about it. I suspect that Facebook will find a way to shut down these profiles quickly now because the “fake” accounts are damaging to Facebook’s bottom line and […]

How To Share Your Facebook Timeline Page

With the introduction of Timeline for Pages Facebook rearranged quite a few controls. One of the most important ways to promote your Facebook Page or others you like is the “Share” function. It’s still really easy to do if you know where to look How To Share Your Facebook Timeline Page was last modified: March […]

Do you Follow Friday?

Time flies while I’m having fun but there is one sure sign that the week is coming to an end: My twitter stream shows a lot of #FF and #FollowFriday tweets. What is this #FollowFriday all about? (more…) Do you Follow Friday? was last modified: July 29th, 2014 by Frithjof Share Tweet Share Share Pin […]

4 Tools to Present Information from the Digital Stream

Just before the end of this exciting year I remembered two of the most publicized predictions about new developments in digital media: Video and Data Curation tools are going to make big waves in 2011 While video certainly continues to gain importance on web sites, blogs and Social Media I don’t see anything you would […]

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