I used to hate lists 🙂 . It took the invention of List.ly to cure me from this phobia. Now I don’t only use lists in my content regularly but I use list apps to organize my work and my life. Listly has taken the fact that lists are everywhere to the next level. Now lists are the best way to bring social content into content creation.

I used to hate lists – they were connected with guilt:

boy feeling guilty image


  • To-do lists
  • Homework lists
  • Chore lists
  • Bucket lists
  • …..

All of those are connected with “pain” because most of the time we use them for unrealistic goals and it takes a lot of effort to rise above that.


But Lists are really all over our blog posts! They are an important tools to introduce structured content into your writing.

Listly LogoThen my friend Nick Kellet introduced me to Listly. (I just looked it up, I wrote my first post about Listly in May 2012 List.ly: The Fun and Useful List Tool )

When I introduced Listly again in a blog challenge for #likebleblogs in August  in my post 5 Awesomely Easy Ways to Make More People Read Your Blog! a lot of you asked for more information about it.

Fortunately the host of our Facebook Group Likeable League, Keri Jaenig a.k.a. Idea Girl Media has a great talent to pick up the topics interesting to her community.

So, Keri, Nick and I decided to collect some questions and meet to chat about it.

Here is the List of Questions:

I then went in and created 12 the 12 video files in the list below so it’s easier for you to select the topic important to you. Now, let’s get to work:

graduate iconIn invite you to do this:

  1. click on the video links in the list below
  2. comment on the list item if you like
  3. vote on the answers you liked – in the end we have a crowd-ranked list with the most popular posts on top
  4. Let me how you liked the experience in the comments


If you would like to watch all of the videos you can go to the Playlist:


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photo credit: stephen031 via photopin cc

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  1. Frith,

    Thanks for your invitation to collaborate on this project! I had fun, and enjoyed getting to know both you and Nick a little bit better.

    I also had the opportunity to learn more about Listly too — Really cool, and useful for all the reasons in the videos we discussed…

    I hope people will tap into your video lists, and explore the list of questions we developed to drill down to the point of Listly.

    Thank you for your friendship and collaboration. Great job with the videos and production with our project!!


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