website nerdWebsites have changed from static online brochures to dynamic tools used to communicate with your audience.

It used to be enough to have an online presence. Simply having a web presence was enough to draw customers to the store.

But it was impossible for the business to make any changes without involving a web developer. Web content got stale and customers did not come back. Many businesses resorted to paying a lot of money for SEO services that artificially inflated the search results and temporarily made the sites popular again.

Three factors made a big differences in the way we use websites today:

  1. Technology advanced and websites can be experienced mobile and on varying screen sizes
  2. We expect to interact digitally with a business online
  3. Search engines compete for users by improving search algorithms and punishing “black-hat” SEO tactics

Today’s websites are modern tools used to share information, inform clients about the newest offerings, sell goods and share your interests.

BlueBird Business Consulting is committed to delivering the best tools to reach your goals.

There is no “one-fits-all” answer for websites; each of our projects is created after a thorough development process in order to give you the tools that work for you.

A dynamic web presence requires the ability to make changes easily and economically.

For this very reason we have chosen the world’s largest CRM tool: WordPress

WordPress gives us the ability to:

  • Create websites with any desired functionality
  • Utilize a vast number of tools for design, SEO, social sharing….
  • Provide you with the opportunity to update any website content on your site
  • Change the appearance of your website if required
  • Create websites that adjust dynamically to any screen size
  • Train you
Of course we will always be available to make changes to your site if you so desire. But our clients have full access to the website they paid for.  No page is “hard-coded”.  All content can be accessed and changed without special programming knowledge. We will not force our clients to hire us to make changes.

Let’s talk about how we can make your online presence as dynamic and successful as your business

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