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The End of The “Social Media For $99” Scam

Social Media for $99

As the doomsday posts from experts calling the newest Facebook algorithm changes the “end of Social Media” echo through our Social Media channels, I realized that this change might just bring a long-awaited and needed change to the marketing world:
The end of the “Social Media for $99/month” package.

Since I started offering outsourced Social Media management services I always have had to explain why I did not want to compete with low-cost providers or even those that offered Social Media services as a free add-on to their main service.

All Social Media networks are introducing algorithms that favour real person to person content over generic “drop and run” posts. Even before the recent announcement of Facebook’s change in direction (I wrote about this in my article Keep Calm And Facebook On!) pages that posted boring content that only talked about themselves and disregarded the needs and interests of their audience became ineffective. The reach of these posts can only be achieved by paying more and more to “boost.”

Keep Calm and Facebook On

Keep Calm and Facebook

In a post, Mark Zuckerberg on January 11th, Facebook announced some major changes in direction that have us social media professional buzzing. If there is one thing that has been consistent with Facebook over the last ten years, it’s the constant changes. For the CEO to make such an announcement himself is quite rare though.

I usually stay away from picking up stories that everyone else is covering and where people I admire already layed out their thoughts quite eloquently. But I have been asked about my opinion so many times that I decided to dedicate a Podcast episode and this blog post to the topic.

I invite you to listen or read and tell me what you think.

An Awesome Tool That Makes People Read Your Email

email subject line

Chances are your customers have email 🙂 !
The average office worker receives 121 emails every day. I know, that number seems low to me too. Often the email load seems overwhelming.

Getting too many emails is a real problem. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of ways and tools appear that try to help us manage this flood of emails better. Spam filters are becoming more powerful and more ruthless all the time. Gmail and other tools have taken it upon themselves to sort your incoming mail in important and “promotional” emails.

There is a growing gap between email senders that want and need to get their emails seen, read and acted upon and email recipients that need to manage the daily workload emails create.

You Are in Charge of Your Facebook Experience

Take charge of the facebook ads you see

Let’s begin with taking charge of your Facebook feed.
We are so used to feeling helpless against Facebook’s constant changes that many of us have given up and just take everything we are given.
Ads are often a point of complaint. We seem to see too many ads, the wrong ads…. Some are creeped out by overt re-marketing ads.
On the flip side, Facebook ads give us business owners a great opportunity to reach future customers in a very targeted manner. Facebook ads are still one of the cheapest ways to deliver advertising online or offline.

The problem is, the amount we of advertising we accept as Facebook users have reached its maximum. This means that more ads are competing for space in our stream.

Interesting Thoughts About Facebook Messenger Bots From the Bot Boss

Talking Chat Bots

One of the biggest developments in the digital space in 2017 is the growth in the area of Facebook messenger bots. Since Facebook opened their Messenger platform for developers we have seen a lot of tools being developed to serve this growing market. However, this technology could open up a whole new level of spammy marketing. In this episode of the BlueBird Podcast I speak to a real expert on using bots for business.

I invite you to listen to the podcast and leave your questions in the comments.

How to Pick an Awesome Domain Name

what is a domain and what is a TLD

In this episode of the BlueBird Podcast Andy and I talk about the important considerations about picking the right name for your website or blog.
We talk about TLDs (Top Level Domains) and if they are worth considering. We discuss if you should always use the .com extension or what you should consider instead.
Did you know that there are currently 364 domain extensions available and 279 are coming up soon?
We talk about how to overcome the difficulty that all the good names seem to have already been taken.
Finally, Andy reveals one of his best-kept secrets.
I invite you to listen to this episode of the BlueBird Podcast, and I would be thrilled if you let me know your thoughts

How Being Creative With Your Box Can Pay Off

BlueBird Podcast Episode 20

Today on the BlueBird Podcast I speak to Ryan McKenzie who used his experience in the magazine publishing industry to build a successful subscription box business by offering superior value and a community to his customers. Ryan published an article on LinkedIn that described his expectations and experience with starting a subscription box business. His […]

To Survive In The Business Of The Future We Have To Serve Better

To survive in the business of the future, we have to become the very people we are trying to reach" ~Brian Solis

I am in the process of putting together my offers and recommendations for holidays sales. I had three customer service experiences yesterday that made me reflect on the reasons why I recommend one tool or service over another. Very often there are many services to choose from that do the same thing. Sometimes but not […]

Beyond Yoast – SEO for Small Business Owners

seo blog post

This is a guest post by Michael Hayes from Darby Hayes Consulting.
SEO can be transformational for businesses.  Business owners know this from experience: When the phone is ringing, everyone is happy.  In an increasingly digital world, more and more customers are taking to Google to find solutions for their needs, and this includes local services and businesses.

One Amazing Contest is Not Worth Losing Your Facebook Page Over


In this episode BlueBird Podcast I talk to my colleague Dawn Swick-Renshaw. We are talking about one of my Facebook pet-peeves, “like and share contests” and why it is important to follow Facebook’s rules even if you don’t want to.
The reason we connected for this call was a post by Dawn warning people to stop using “like and share” as ways to qualify for winning a Facebook contest. Despite the fact that “everyone” is doing it, it is clearly against Facebook’s own Terms of Service (TOS)

Thanks for doing such a great job on our facebook page. We do appreciate your efforts and we often hear from others about our facebook, so we know people are engaged and watching.

Bruce Thurston General Manager Yorkton Co-op

You couldn't hire a better person to help you to harness social media tools to improve your sales results. Too often I run across consultants who think because they managed to open a Facebook account or have a few hundred followers on Twitter they are qualified to help a business generate sales with social media. Frithjof Petscheleit is not one of those people. He is a student of social media and his approach changes and adapts as the tools and the market changes. If you want to get your social media working for you or if you want to fix your WordPress website let me save you some time and contact Frithjof. I do.

Colin Parker CEO Lonestar Sales Performance

I hired Frithjof to help with numerous projects over the last two years and look forward to many more projects. Frithjof's open and friendly communication style paired with consistent attention to detail makes him the perfect consultant for our clients and ourselves.

In the beginning Frithjof stepped in to successfully complete several client projects. Every time he delivered the projects on time and on budget, often delivering much more than we had promised.
For our business improvement projects we rely on BlueBird Business Consulting to develop the digital marketing strategy, build the websites and social media tools and train the key players in the use of the tools.
Our clients are more than happy with Frithjof's ongoing support and rely on his expertise in Social Media management, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, blogging and all web related areas.
I highly recommend Frithjof and the team at BlueBird Business Consulting and look forward to our continued success together.
Andrew Gregson Principal Intent Financials

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Frithjof over the last year. Frithjof has used the boardroom in our facility to conduct many informative sessions for individuals from many types of businesses.
He is always able to clearly convey his message and information to accommodate any learning level. Frithjof is professional and thorough, encourages participation and always makes everyone feel comfortable with the subject matter and how to implement it in their own organization. I highly recommend Frithjof and his services.

Tracey Cochrane CEO Points West Audio Visual

As our architectural firm (Architecturally Distinct Solutions Inc.) waded into the exciting world of social media, we realized we were unfamiliar with the processes and work required to best represent our company in these new forums.
We were equally unfamiliar with the ways to be present and available to those who might want to connect with our company through social media. Accordingly, we were thrilled to be introduced to Frithjof Petscheleit of tweet4ok in Kelowna as he was able to expertly help us navigate our way into the connected world of social media. Immediately after being introduced, Frithjof was able to establish a look and feel on our company facebook page that accurately reflected the ideas that we shared with him. Frithjof provided much needed support during our first few days in establishing our company page and we look forward to continuing to work with him as we develop our social media presence and discover ways to make business and personal connections in unexplored ways.

Matt Johnston Principal Architect Architecturally Distinct Solutions

I met Frithjof through Twitter. He lives and breathes Social Media. I've been impressed with his consistent enthusiasm for the space.

He's now a good friend and collaborator - As with many of the people I've met through Social Media.

I have a strong belief in his abilities and his work ethic. Great guy, but if you're reading this, you've possibly figured that out by now. Two thumbs up.

Nick Kellet Co-Founder