Happy New Year!

I hope you had a restful holiday break and can start 2018 recharged and ready to reach your goals!


Let’s begin with taking charge of your Facebook feed.

We are so used to feeling helpless against Facebook’s constant changes that many of us have given up and just take everything we are given.

Ads are often a point of complaint. We seem to see too many ads, the wrong ads…. Some are creeped out by overt re-marketing ads.

On the flip side, Facebook ads give us business owners a great opportunity to reach future customers in a very targeted manner. Facebook ads are still one of the cheapest ways to deliver advertising online or offline.

The problem is, the amount of advertising we accept as Facebook users has reached its maximum. This means that more ads are competing for space in our stream.

Few business owners know that the quality of their ads, the timing and the targeting of ads influences how many people see our ad. A Facebook ad that gets accepted in the stream reaches more users for less money.

As Facebook users, we have the power to select the ads we don’t want to see anymore. For me, this often happens if I see the same ad too often.

Hide Facebook ads

If this happens, I click on the three dots in the top right corner and check “Hide ad.” Facebook then asks me why I made the selection and I answer with “I keep seeing this.”

On the advertiser side, this negative signal reduces the relevance score, and the ad gets shown to fewer users.

We are not helpless victims!

Let’s make 2018 the year we use the power we have.

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