WordPress Mechanic

We make sure your website is clean and in good working order

Creating with WordPress is fun! But keeping up with hackers and software updates can be a chore. Let the WP Mechanic take care of the tedious chores for you!

And if you ever need more - we are happy to help!


Get WP Custodian for an easy monthly fee of $35 CAD

Save big by paying for a year - $337 CAD (peace of mind for $1 per day)

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BlueBird 30 day money backIf you tell us that you are not 100% satisfied we will gladly reimburse your fee.
We don’t think you will but you could always cancel to the next pay period

Available Services

WP Mechanic

  • Weekly plugin and theme updates

  • Secure offsite backups

  • SPAM & revision cleanup

  • Database optimization

  • Security Monitoring

  • Email support (30 minutes of help if needed)

Weekly plugin and theme updates

Plugin updates are performed on a weekly basis. If you would like us to update your theme as well, we highly recommend installing a child theme to prevent losing customizations. If you are not sure if you have a child theme installed, we are happy to have a look for you.

Secure offsite backups

Just like you back up your computer it is important to backup your site on a regular basis. WP Custodian backs up your content daily and does a full backup weekly. If you like we can send the backup to your dropbox or a different cloud storage solution.

SPAM & revision cleanup & Database optimization

SPAM is ever growing and even with a good filter plugin (ask us about a recommendation) your storage and database can get so loaded that your site gets slow. The same goes for all those revisions you make before you post on your blog

Security Monitoring

In the last years we have seen a large increase in cyber attacks. Unfortunately WordPress websites are often a target. When you sign up we will do a security review for you and suggest improvements. After that we will actively scan your websites for malware and attacks.

Email support up to 30 minutes per month of help if needed

We are here for your WordPress related questions. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you asap. If you need more than 30 minutes of help in a given month we will gladly give our WP Custodian clients a preferred rate for the “Fix My WordPress” program

Please note!

Secure passwords and regular updates are the best protection against malware attacks but don’t guarantee your site will ever be affected. Malware removal usually takes several hours. It is not included in this package but we are happy to handle this for a separate fee.