Tool Tip: Shareasimage

Do you love quotes? Would you like to create your own awesome images with filters and Text? Then check out this Tool Tip: Since I started using Instagram I really enjoy creating my own images and sharing them online. There are many apps to add quotes and filters to Instagram but I was looking for(…)


Reinventing the List - 10 Answers about Social Content

I used to hate lists . It took the invention of to cure me from this phobia. Now I don’t only use lists in my content regularly but I use list apps to organize my work and my life. Listly has taken the fact that lists are everywhere to the next level. Now lists are the best way to bring social content into content creation.


Best Online Articles Of Week 33

I almost had too much fun this weekend playing outdoors but I figure you are all waiting for my weekly post of the best online articles I found, curated and shared this week. Sometimes I wish I was a full time blogger - I had so much fun with the #Likeableblogs blogging challenge this week(…)


From My Digital Media World: The Best Articles Of The Week

Even in a crazy-busy week there is always time to discover great new content. This week was an example of that - have a look at this week’s list of my favourite posts and let me know of the ones that moved you most. If you are an author and discovered your post on my list - why not leave a comment either on the listly or in the comments?


The Very Best Blog Posts I Found In Week 12 2013

My absolute favourite post is the one talking about two of my heros: Gandalf officiating at Jean Luc Picards wedding…. holy geekdom

I hope you forgive me that little deviation from my blogging direction

Have fun with this week’s list of my favourite blog posts and let me know what you think!


How to Turn Your WordPress Blog Dark For Earth Hour

Every Year during Earth Hour (Saturday March 31, 2012 8:30pm) people all over the world turn off their lights and as much electricity as they can to set a signal to their neighbors that they care about the environment and energy conservation.

Over the last couple of years a growing number of web sites take part in this movement and turn off their site for this hour.

If you would like your Wordpress Site to take part you can use the Earth Hour Plug in by Brave New Code

It’s really easy, here is how you do it:


This Week’s Best Blog Posts

Every week I share the blog posts I read that I found most interesting. This time I’ll add my experiences with my own way of curating posts and @Listly the tool I use to share the posts with you.


How To Get Started With Google+

over the last couple of months I have noticed that I use G+ more and more. In general the level of engagement reminds me of the early days of Twitter and other platforms before marketers screwed it up too much. I also like some of the really cool features - especially Google Hangouts.


Introducing: Social Media

I love teaching people how to use Social Media tools effectively. Teaching is on the very core of what I do at Tweet4ok Social Media Services. It is what I do best and what I am most passionate about.


Do You XeeMe? My Chat With Michael Q Todd

Many of us have also noticed that a new business skill is evolving: The ability to know how to reach your contacts. You have to know who you need to call, email, tweet, skype or reach on Facebook, Google+ and the list goes on.
Just like the good old phone book in it’s day there are a few directory sites around where we can list our digital presence. One that I use is XeeMe


Introducing The Heritage Marker Project

I donated a brand new plaque featuring important information about the building’s history and a photo from 1910. In addition to this traditional content I also added a QR code and a short URL to the sign. If you scan the code you are led to a landing page that is optimized for mobile devices.


LinkedIn Endorsements Are The New Mini-Recommendations

A while ago LinkedIn started to ask us to add skills to our profiles. At first I figured that this was to highlight keywords I want to be found by. While this is still one of the main functions you noticed that we can now endorse our contacts.

I called up my friend Colin Parker from Red Giraffe Strategic Sales and Marketing, get his expert opinion on this.


How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children From Cyber Bullying

Mobiflock offers security and parent control systems for mobile devices.
Our “Digital Natives” grow up with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that is a good thing when done right! The challenge is to protect our children from predators like in Amanda Todd’s case or from bullies.


Schedule Your Facebook Update At The Right Time For The Highest Impact

Sometimes the time you find to update your Facebook Page is not the best time to reach your followers. One of Facebook’s recent additions is the option to schedule your page updates.

To find the most effective time for your audience might require some trial and error but you can always look at your Facebook Insights to compare posts.


Become Your Own Broadcaster - Promote Your Events With The Right Social Media Tools

How we reached an audience of 76,000 for the Kelowna Apple Triathlon without the help of traditional media.
The Event itself is mostly only the highlight of a campaign and/or the ongoing work of an organization. The benefits of having your event highly publicised are many. Exposure, fundraising and membership drives are probably the most obvious. Events are also great ways to build your Social Media following for your future work.


Facebook Pages Are The Only Way To Promote Your Business Or Organization!

Using Facebook Profiles for anything other than a real person has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service since Pages were introduced but nobody seemed to do much about it. I suspect that Facebook will find a way to shut down these profiles quickly now because the “fake” accounts are damaging to Facebook’s bottom line and therefore it’s stock prices.

There are more reasons why it makes sense to switch to Facebook Pages as soon as possible:


How to Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Events are a great way to promote special occasions – they are easily shared and sometimes take on a life of their own!

Make sure you create your event as the Page so the link goes back to your Page and not to your profile!


What Metric Is Important To Measure Your Social Media Success?

You will hear me speak very little about strategy - because there are so many Social Media Experts that overuse the term. However, regardless of if you are using a blog for your business, Facebook for your club, Twitter for fun or Pinterest for your wedding planning, looking at the statistics of what messages worked and what didn’t is important and interesting.


8 Ways To Attract Real Likes to Your Facebook Page

You have a new Facebook page and look forward to connecting with your current and future fans. Great! But how do you tell them that it’s there? How do you find an audience? There are many ways and I hope to give you a few suggestions with this post.
Lesson learned: Creating valuable content that people want to share is smarter business than impressive numbers.

That being said it is important to get the word out there especially for new pages and there are many ways you can spread the word about your page!

More The Fun and Useful List Tool

I admit - lists are not my “thing” I think of to-do lists I never tackle, shopping lists…. But then there is all that advice telling me to write list posts because blog readers love them. I finally found a tool that makes lists more fun - mainly because it makes them shear-able and I can let others take part and curate.


Avoid Most Auto-DMs on Twitter

The more people you follow on Twitter the more you will find your Direct Message (DM) box fill up. Many of my friends will not even look at their DMs anymore unless you let them know that you sent them something in private. But there is a magic bullet to get rid of auto-DMs


Customize your Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook Timeline brought us many advantages and some new challenges. One of the new features is that we can now customize the images for the Tabs a.k.a Apps.

This option gives us these advantages:

Post attractive images
Streamline your branding
Add a call to action


The Ultimate Pinterest Post

It seems like every Social Media blogger has to publish a post about Pinterest these days. There is a lot of very good material out there and it seems to be redundant for me to add my twist on this exciting new Social Networking tool. So I decided to go a different route and enlist the services of the exciting new list and curation service


Event: What’s Going on in Syria? Kelowna, April 26th 2012

Syria Session on Thursday, April 26th at 5 pm at the

Bohemian Cafe on Bernard Ave, downtown Kelowna.

Join us for an open discussion about the politics, violence, and citizen journalism in Syria that is making headlines around the world.

Three speakers will help shed light on the complicated issues surrounding the current situation. They have, in some capacity, been directly involved in the movement that has cost thousands of Syrian lives.