Feline Magic - Why Cat Videos Work

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Every day Marketers are puzzled, hipster social media critics are outraged and desperate Social Media Community Managers are saved by videos, pictures and meme’s featuring cute kittens.

Cute Kitten Inforgraphic


In conversations with Social Media sceptics I often detect a clear misunderstanding of the effect of cute dog pictures or cat videos. Some even go so far to use these as examples for condemning anything that doesn’t have 100% serious content as “fluff” and unworthy of attention.

As I pointed out in my post Social Capital - 24 Ways to Help Your Friends Online we pay with our attention and time spent on content.

Fact is that more and more people spend their spare time online. A lot of that extra time falls into the “entertainment time” we are taking away from watching TV. During this time we are not really online to learn or to shop. We are not looking to learn something or educate ourselves. We want to get away from our worries AND we want to get away from the mostly uninspiring commercials flying into our face all day already.

Watching a well crafted and witty video like the one above is often exactly what the doctor ordered. Not everything we produce has to be serious and jam-packed with information. Often we will get our point across much better if we use humour and the odd cute kitten.


What do you think why cute images work? Leave a comment or your favourite cat video below!

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