Share and Search With Listly is my way of sharing interesting, educational audio and video content in 20 minutes or less. [media_video fw_shortcode_id=”1″] Listly is a great tool that has a lot of uses. You see it on my blog often because I use it mostly to create resource lists that allow you to add items and to rate […]

How To Use Hashtags in Facebook –

Welcome back to the The weekly webinar where I speak about one of the topics I get the most questions about. This week’s show was about #hashtags in Facebook I explain what a hashtag really is and what it has to do with the # sign. Then we look at how different social networks […]

The Constant Contact Toolkit –

I hope you all had a great summer! This is the first fall session of the As of today these sessions will take place once a week – every Wednesday at 9am Pacific. In today’s session, I introduce the new Constant Contact Toolkit- as a pilot for the upcoming webinar series. With Toolkit Constant Contact […]

Creating a CASL Compliant Email Signature –

In between all the webinars and seminars I teach about CASL I focus on email marketing with Constant Contact. My recent posts focus on Social Media tools and CASL Don’t Get Caught – Canada Anti-Spam Legislation and LinkedIn Using Facebook Profiles For Business Means Breaking The Law But even our regular emails fall under the […]

Touring The New Twitter Layout –

Earlier this year Twitter changed it’s user interface – lovingly referred to as “Twacebook” In today’s I am giving you a tour of the new Twitter layout. Here are a few highlights of what changed: Profile header is now 1500 x 500 pixels (make sure all the important stuff is in the safe zone) […]

What Is A Hashtag? –

Love them or hate them #Hashtags are an important part of our online lives. They appear on TV screens, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and I probably forgot a few. But How do they work? And what does a #hashtag really do? How do you figure out what they mean? I address all these questions  in […]

What To Say On Social Media – the

  In today’s episode of I make suggestions for what to say on Social Media channels. Almost every Social Media strategy client of mine has one question for me before we begin: ” I have nothing to say. What do I talk about” It is important to answer this question for an effective use of Social […]

Twitter Followers and Following –

  [media_video fw_shortcode_id=”1″] In today’s episode of I explain how I tackle questions around Twitter followers.  What is Social Proof? Who to follow? Follow everyone back? How to find fake followers? I hope you enjoyed this replay and I would love to see you in the live webinar next week! If you have burning […]

Find The Best Time to Post – The

    Posting at the right time to your Social Media channels is important if you want the right audience to see your posts. But how do you find the best time to post? If you google “when to post on Twitter” or “when to post on Facebook” you will find a lot of really […]