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I hope you all had a great summer! This is the first fall session of the As of today these sessions will take place once a week - every wednesday at 9am Pacific.

In today’s session I introduce the new Constant Contact Toolkit- as a pilot for the upcoming webinar series.

With Toolkit Constant Contact introduces a set of small business marketing tools designed to handle many aspects of marketing. The big advantage is that all of these tools are branded the same and are designed to optimize the reach of your email marketing list.

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Here are some of the links I promised:

Here are the slides for the webinar

My time limited Constant Contact Toolkit offer for you:

constant contact toolkit offer


Social media training kelownaI hope you enjoyed this replay and I would love to see you in the live webinar next week! If you have burning questions you would like to have answered, please contact me or leave a comment below this post!

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