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Earlier this year Twitter changed it’s user interface - lovingly referred to as “Twacebook” In today’s I am giving you a tour of the new Twitter layout.

Twitter birdsHere are a few highlights of what changed:

  • Profile header is now 1500 x 500 pixels (make sure all the important stuff is in the safe zone)
  • Profile picture (avatar) can now be 400 x 400 pixels (but your old one will work)
  • Menus and tabs have moved
  • Tweets are much bigger
  • Followers are easier to verify
  • You can now “pin” one tweet to the top of your timeline

Social media training kelownaI hope you enjoyed this replay and I would love to see you in the live webinar next week! If you have burning questions you would like to have answered, please contact me or leave a comment below this post!

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