Writing Process: Blogging with a Passion

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? My friend and fellow social media blogger Keri Jaehnig from Idea Girl Media passed me the torch of this blog tour by tagging me in her post Writing Process: My Risque, Revealing Blog Tour  I sometimes jokingly refer to blogging as my hobby. Of course I am no hobby-blogger! I blog(…)


How To Reach Young Readers With Awesome Messaging - Guest Post By Cathryn Wellner

My friend Cathryn Wellner has a wonderful blog called This Gives Me Hope where she is well on her way to post 1001 stories that give us hope. Today she posted a story that touched me on many different levels. The way the Melbourne Transit authority gets their message across is a great example how we can touch our audiences so much better if we create engaging and unique content.


4 Tools to Present Information from the Digital Stream

Just before the end of this exciting year I remembered two of the most publicized predictions about new developments in digital media:

Video and Data Curation tools are going to make big waves in 2011

While video certainly continues to gain importance on web sites, blogs and Social Media I don’t see anything you would call an amazing game changer.
However I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of my favourite data aggregation and curation tools.
We often struggle to keep track of the bits of information we find along the way. In the true spirit of Social Media we want to share the knowledge with as many others as we can. Sometimes we simply want to find these data bits at a later date.