How often to post to your blog?

People often ask for advice on how often they should post to their Social Media tools. Unfortunately there isn’t really a good answer because you have to consider so many factors: Audience, topic, platform, style, purpose and so many more.

However, there are some guidelines I think fit most businesses and organizations:

  • If you still write email newsletters > once a month
  • Blogs > once a week (please see the short video below)
  • Facebook > About once a day
  • Twitter > whenever you have something valuable to contribute!

I’m not a Guru and the above suggestions are just that! Fact is: If you appear too little you lose followers because you have to earn our trust all over again. If you over-share (like I sometimes do) you may lose followers that are overwhelmed or “just not so much into you”.

A lot depends on your topic! In my interview with Cathryn Wellner I asked exactly that question - find out what she had to say:

What do you think? How much is too much?

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