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As mentioned in my short history of blogging there are many different kind of blogs. Reading blogs has become my favourite way to learn and keep up with he newest trends of my industry. Every day I discover new wonderful and informative articles, shared by contributors all over the world.

Blogging is one of the most powerful social media tools available and while platforms like Facebook, Twitter…. allow me to exchange quick snippits of my life in real time - blog posts stay and provide the opportunity to go into more depth and create a place where stories can be kept, curated and discovered.

Marketing doesn’t spread, Stories do! ~ @JoeyInteractive

Recently I had the opportunity to have a very inspiring chat with one of my favourite storytellers and bloggers.

Portrait of Cathryn WellnerI encourage you to discover more about Cathryn and her incredible path to becoming an incredible modern day story teller.

As you can hear in the video below Cathryn regularly writes 4 blogs and here are the links:

Catching Courage

We write to explore the secret pathways of the heart. We read to understand and be understood. In the reading and in the writing, we catch courage for the road ahead.


Two sixty-somethings invite friends to join them on a journey of discovery


Understanding the world and each other through stories

This Gives Me Hope

I’m setting out to find 1001 reasons to be optimistic. That’s how many nights it took Scheherazade to soften the heart of the king. I invite you to share the stories, people, places, photographs, and events that give you hope. Maybe we can soften enough hearts to put humanity on a healthier path.

I was so fortunate to talk to Cathryn about blogging and Social Media on one late summer afternoon and would like to share the interview with you over the next couple of blog posts.

Many people struggle with the question: “What am I going to write about?” Hear what Cathryn has to say about that:

As if four blogs is not enough 🙂 Cathryn talks about guest blogging:

I hope you are as excited about these insights as I am. In the next part of this blog series about blogs we chat about blogging platforms and design.

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