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BlueBird WordPress Mechanic

Keeping Up a Website is Much Like Keeping Up a Car - WordPress Maintenance Introducing the BlueBird WordPress Maintenance Service Introducing the BlueBird WordPress Maintenance Service

46 Shares Share5 Tweet32 Share3 Email Share Pin4 +12 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferWhen I talked to my friend Mel the other day I realize that having a website is a lot like having a car. In order to run safely and efficiently it needs to be maintained and repaired. At the BlueBird garage we […]

Best Online Articles Of Week 33

Share Tweet Share Email Share Pin +1 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferI almost had too much fun this weekend playing outdoors but I figure you are all waiting for my weekly post of the best online articles I found, curated and shared this week. Sometimes I wish I was a full time blogger - I […]

5 Awesomely Easy Ways to Make More People Read Your Blog!

36 Shares Share5 Tweet9 Share2 Email Share Pin8 +112 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket Buffer If you really didn’t care if someone saw what you wrote, you would use a journal and just write for yourself. Which is fine really -  although I never succeeded in doing that - did you? Even if you are not […]

[Warning] Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets - Embedding Tweets Is Easy

20 Shares Share Tweet7 Share Email Share Pin3 +110 Reddit Stumble Yum Pocket BufferWow I just read Daniel Hebert’s article on Steamfeed Warning! Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets The post talks about a new tool called “lemmetweetthatforyou” (no, I will not condone it by linking to it). You can use it to fake a […]