Reputation Management – What If Someone Says Something Bad About Me?

Good customer service is a cornerstone of successful business; we all know that. Of course, nothing is perfect and so it does happen that people complain. We used to say that if a customer liked your service he would tell one person, and if he didn’t he would tell ten people.

Gingerbread Twitter House

And so they did, the twitter birds sent out tweets, posted pictures on Facebook and Blogged about the incident. Soon the story trended on Twitter worldwide and drew attention to the two victims.

Hansel and Gretel were allowed to stay in the community if they wanted and the old activist told the story to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Dragon Boat Team in Kelowna BC.

To commemorate this story of hardship, rescue and social media use the Red Hot Chilli Paddlers organize a Gingerbreadhouse Event every year. The Funds raised are used to help the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club make more children happy and the Twitter birds come every year and help promote the #GingerbreadEvent on Social Media.