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Beyond Marketing: @ExploreEnderby - The Twitter Project in The North Okanagan

I’m always looking for good, innovative ways to use Social Media tools and today I would like to introduce you to an awesome project using Twitter. We found this great project in the little town of Enderby BC - population of 2900. We traveled to Enderby to talk to some of the people involved.

Darren Robinson is the Executive Director of the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce and a passionate professional Photographer. Darren is responsible for all things tourism and visitor related. The chamber’s mission is to advance Enderby’s businesses through prosperity, promotion and service.

Darren got together with Jennifer Kent, a local Social Media service consultant and started a project where the chamber gives the account @ExploreEnderby to residents who get to try Twitter for two weeks.

Here is an excerpt of the interview with Darren Robinson:

Next we went to see Mel from Mel’s Mainstreet Pizza & Pasta. Mel’s tweets were the ones we first picked up and she was kind enough to tell us about her experiences:

This project is a great way of showing the business community, residents and tourists more about the daily lives of all involved. The example goes beyond marketing! It shows how Social Media tools can help to connect people over large distances but also with their immediate neighbors. Not replacing other ways of social contact but effectively giving those connections an added dimension.

Please let us know if you know of other great examples where Social Media goes beyond marketing!

Image credit: Photos by Michele Rule

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