A lot of my energy as a Social Media consultant is spent explaining to you how to use tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others effectively. Many of you have realized that a presence on these platforms is important for your business. While I get a lot of satisfaction out of teaching you how to use the tools I hope you understand that we are talking about more than just a new “nice to have” in your marketing toolbox.

The goal of this post is to motivate you to watch this 11minute video of a TEDx Presidio talk by Brian Solis. I know that my saying it is important to watch is not going to be enough, so I’ll transcribe a few key quotes below the video.

What stuck out for you – care to discuss?  

(all quotes are by Brian Solis unless otherwise indicated)

“Relationships – the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other”

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The Occupy movement was less about a cause but more about what happens when people get together to say something.
No matter if it’s the occupy movement or a revolution in the Middle East – the point is that you and I have a voice.

You and I have the ability to get together and do something to change something. As long as it is important to you and me.

“Whether you are the 99% or the 1%, fact is you are part of a movement”

Business leaders shouldn’t have to experience a consumer revolution …. if employees care enough, the “Corporate Spring” will happen from within.

The Social Economy has given rise to a new consumer revolution. In an era of connected consumerism, Social Media Strategies aren’t going to save your business.


People are running these relationships with editorial calendars on Facebook because they think that your “Like” of them was a form of opt-in

Social Capital can be measured by the amount of trust and reciprocity in a community or between individuals ~Robert Putnam

[Social capital is the ….] investment in social relations with expected returns in the marketplace ~Nan Lin

Sometimes capitalism isn’t just measured by profit, but by the richness of relationships and earned social capital

The future is yours to shape. Both as an individual and as a member of the organisation you might work with.
But it takes a lot of things…

It takes empathy
It takes courage
It takes vision
It takes perseverance
Resistance will always fall to persistence”

I hope you watch the video and discuss your impressions with us   


Thank you Brian Solis for your permission to use the video

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  1. I like the way in which he points out that all of us are in the same position when we enter social media. What we do and how we develop it is, ultimately, down to us. It is best to be simply who you are, rather than invent a personality to then promote a brand.
    Genuineness is one key to developing that.
    Great video, enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Malcolm! Brian Solis is a real inspiration to me. Both of his books Engage and The End Of Business As Usual inspired me. I just pre-ordered his next book. Something I’ve never done before 🙂

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