E-Book: 30 Day Email Boot Camp

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30 Days to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results

Get email marketing fit with 30 days of learning and assignments.

Also available as a 30 day email course

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Product Description

30 Days to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results

In the world of online marketing, many marketers are focused on things that provide them immediate gratification. They are pumped when they post something to Facebook and then people click the like button. They’re thrilled when they make a blog post and someone tweets it to their Twitter friends.

But here’s the problem, those types of activities aren’t direct business builders. Sure, someone might visit your website as a result, hopefully sign up for your list and then eventually buy something, so these activities shouldn’t be discounted, but when you focus on building, nurturing and profiting from your email list, you are DIRECTLY growing your business.

The problem is, people often give up on email because they don’t receive the immediate gratification they’re looking for. It takes time and effort to build your subscriber list and to develop a relationship where they’ll trust you to buy.

But wanna know something?

It’s worth it.

You you’ve probably heard the saying, “The money is in the list.”

It’s 100% true. It has always been true because email is:

  • A very direct way to contact your prospects and customers over and over again
  • It’s a commercial form of contact, unlike blogs and social media

If you put 100% effort into the daily challenges laid out in this guide for you, you WILL see a difference in your list size and results.  

How This Challenge Works

This guide includes a series of 30 challenges and tasks to help you grow your subscriber list and to ensure that you’re utilizing your list to maximum benefit. Each day, you’ll be given a specific challenge that will include 2 tasks that will include:

  • The creation of 1 email message
  • 1 list building activity

This doesn’t mean you’ll be emailing your list every day (unless that is the schedule you like to keep and have a good reason for doing so), but you will be getting into the practice of creating emails that you can broadcast, add to your autoresponder or schedule for a later date. Just schedule your completed tasks to your autoresponder accordingly.


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