I’m thrilled that the Virtual Assistant GoddessEmily West-Stadler herself wrote a guest post about the hot topic of the “new” YouTube One Channel – here is a link to her own: [button link=”https://www.youtube.com/user/YourVAGoddess/videos” size=”small” style=”info” color=”orange” window=”yes”]VAGoddeess channel[/button]
MTV EMAs 2011: Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber Win Big What do you have in common with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Peter Jackson (Director of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings)?  If you said nothing, then it’s time to look again at who you are, your life and business and what is available for free right now …. because thanks to YouTube One Channel you can now be a star with your own trailer, channel art, organise your videos and playlists to control what your subscribers to see!

You are more than the sum of your uploads. On your new channel, branding works across devices, you can reach out to non-subscribed viewers, and you can show off more of your content so fans will go deeper.  YouTube One Channel

The introduction of YouTube’s One Channel has levelled the playing field.  You don’t need to be a famous pop star like Bieber or Gaga or movie director Peter Jackson now to have your own trailer asking people to buy your album or watch your new film.  The fact that it is available for everyone means you can be a star – check out this article for a full review.  With a bit of careful planning and strategy you can build a successful YouTube channel that grows your business and magnifies your online presence.

  • Optimize your YouTube Channel for Television and Mobile
  • Provide a “Channel Preview” perfect for collecting leads
  • And leverage the latest changes at YouTube to make more money.

Building A Successful YouTube Channel

Less and less people are on computers anyway – we are using more our smart phones, tablets, even our tvs to access the internet!  28% of your traffic is mobile – that’s 1 in 4 people . What this means is you need one strategy that works on all and I believe that is why the YouTube one channel new announcement makes so much sense …  let’s mentally get off our computers and consider the experience for people watching your video from the other options.

Here is a simple strategy I learnt from Paul Colligan of Digital Cafe TV so you can make the most of the new YouTube One Channel developments.  If you want to watch the replay of the webcast, you can do that here as I’ll just be providing some of the highlights.
 How silly does it look if the person on the video is pointing and saying fill in your details on the right and click the button if they are not on the website?!  Make sure you don’t fall into this trap by saying first if you’re on our website please add your details, if you’re watching on YouTube you can click on the link in the description or on the video itself if you’ve enabled that feature.
Be clear in your video to tell the viewer:
  1. what to do – this is your Call To Action
  2. where to click – if on your website or somewhere else
  3. how to join the subscription list

Have a trailer  or channel preview (about 1 minute video – 1 mins 20 secs max) just like the famous stars – get your viewers to subscribe to your channel  or buy your product or services – include a call to action and if you use instant customer you can get their name, phone number, email address – increasing your leads.

A screencast is ok if you don’t want to be seen – tell them what you want them to do – if you are filming yourself you don’t need a good camera to make a trailer – the main thing is to  just do it!

Be sure to sync with your social media accounts – publish to twitter automatically, facebook too.

8 ways to Build Buzz

  1. YouTube is more exciting than you – it is safe too, 72 hours uploaded every minute, content has to be good though to stand out
  2. Subscriber only benefits – speak to your viewers, make them feel like they belong …  they are your tribe tell them you want them on the inside
  3. Google’s social realization – integrated into search embed the video on to your Google +  page, tie in your twitter account, likes are tweeted, over 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute
  4. people like video – it’s better than every Thursday at 3pm sharing a 1000 words blog = boring  – video is a great way to leverage buzz
  5. people share video – who knows where your video will be seen next?  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc
  6. video is social – something to put on Facebook, twitter, etc
  7. YouTube is social – more so everyday – thumbs up./down, comments,  this is a way to leverage that
  8. your audience is social – more will spread the word by sharing video, giving the thumbs up, which if linked to Twitter is auto tweeted.

How to Profit

  • click to buy exists – use it
  • click to sign up exists – you might want to retro fit old videos
  • not viewable on all platforms – don’t look like an idiot if you say click on button when viewing on a mobile device with no buttons

e.g. 21questionsaboutyoutube.com embedded links
tell them the address
description with the address



Why not take advantage of the fact that Google is linked to YouTube that can organise your webpresence across all devices.  good things for you and your brand
flood gates are open to everyone – you can do tremendously well you have all the power to do the very media explosion that everyone big has and your competition!
get your one channel going …


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