What is the next step after the Social Media Revolution? We have to become “Social Businesses”. I am happy to be here as your partner on the journey to become a Social Business.
As you know I am taking part in this year’s competition to become Small Business BC’s “Best Online Marketer”. In my Posts “Kelowna Social Media Company Nominated For Award – What’s In It For You” I told you why I’m taking part. I am deeply honoured that so many voted for me that I made the list of top 10 finalists. In last week’s post “Top Small Business Finalists Compete To Be Best In BC” I told you about the judges’ panel that selected me into the top 5 list.

Yesterday I had the honor to present to the Successful You Awards judges in Vancouver. Below you can see the presentation I gave. During the award ceremonies on February 28th, Small Business BC will announce the winners of all categories. (You can buy tickets to this great event)

Presenting to the highly qualified judges was an honour and a special challenge  The presentation below turned out to be my manifesto and a window into the future of Social Media for business as I see it. The questions asked by the judges where very interesting and thought provoking.

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My Name is Frithjof Petscheleit and I am almost everything at Tweet4Ok Social Media Services in Kelowna

I focus my business on education. I am first and foremost a business consultant coaching my clients to use Social Media tools to build meaningful relationships with their audience.

As a coach I walk the talk and integrate Social Media into my life and my business

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Social Media is real life – To be successful we have to integrate it into all areas of our business

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Social Media helps amplify your convictions. As a Social Business you have to be part of your community.

Social Media is real life – Social Media is us

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Inbound marketing is replacing disruptive push advertising methods by serving relevant content and becoming a true partner with our audiences.

The days of sending spam in emails are numbered.

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The new economy is built on trust

We can not afford to betray the trust by scamming our customers into get-rich-fast schemes

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Just like in the other real life it doesn’t matter where the conversation takes place.

The tools and means are secondary. The quality of the conversation and is the key.

It is irrelevant if I like Twitter, Facebook, Email or telephone – if I want to reach my audience I have to go where it is.

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The Social Media revolution shifts the power away from a privileged few publishers, corporations and news makers to us – the connected consumer.

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You can’t manage a business into the future, you have to lead it into the future.

Slide 10/11:

I’m not building this company for yesterday or even today.

Our Social Media activities teach us important skills to stay relevant in the future.

Brian Solis says: To succeed in the business of the future, we have to become the very people we are trying to reach.

We are all participants and consumers, we are producers, publishers and we determine the direction of our changing society.

Slide 12:

We have to be leaders – in our businesses and our lives.

Tony Robbins says:

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.

Slide 13:

When I look deeper into my crystal ball I see where this is leading us: We need to get away from advertising to consumers and become partners in a win-win partnership with our audience.

Slide 14:

We have to become Social Businesses.

We have to bring our lives into our business.

As small businesses we have a huge advantage: We can connect to consumers much easier, we do it every day already – Social Media tools open up new ways to make that connection.

Slide 15:

Let me close with a quote by Seth Godin:
How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation?

How dare you settle for less when the world has made it to easy for you to be remarkable.

Thank you for selecting me as one of the Best Online Marketers. Marketing is changing! I am looking forward to telling more people about the opportunities in the greatest shifts of our generation.

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No matter how the competition ends I am very happy I went through the whole process. I am extremely grateful to all my friends that supported me and I look forward to continuing our journey towards Social Business


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