Twitter is much more than just a social network. The platform becoming more like a utility we rely on in the digital world.

Twitter is being used as

  • a tool to broadcast marketing and other messages easily
  • a great place to find information
  • a chance for all of us to become citizen journalists
  • a customer service dream
  • one of the best places online to build relationships

Then there are the lesser known uses of Twitter that are possible through the use of #hashtags that first appeared on Twitter

Most of us are familiar with Twitter chats that bring together users with shared interests at pre-determined times to discuss their topic publically in a more or less organized fashion

But have you heard of #Twopera? A project used to create an opera with the use of Twitter?

Our local Library @ORLreads tweeted about an annual project called #TwitterFiction Fest and that intrigued me:

— Okanagan Reg Library (@ORLreads) March 14, 2014

Between March 12 and 18th tweeps come together to collaborate in writing stories.

How does the Twitter Fiction Festival work?

The Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House selected a number of authors to publish stories in a series of tweets, organized by a time frame and under a title.

At the same time all of us tweeps are welcome to submit our own stories and the best of them get featured in the website’s Twitter stream.

Twitterfiction screenshot


The website for the #TwitterFiction Festival  is very well organized and makes it really easy to browse through the stories by genre, author or time zone. It even has a story Generator feature that does some of the work for you. Try it out! It’s fun! And if you like, copy your story into the comments or tweet me a copy to @Tweet4ok


If you are interested in learning more about the literary side of #TwitterFicton have a listen to this presentation by

Do you have a story you can tell in 140 characters or less? Please share it in the comments!

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