5 Security Habits Every Blogger Needs to Make a Part of Their Daily Lives

Guest post by Cassie Phillips If you owned a jewelry store, you’d want to protect your merchandise. You wouldn’t install flimsy locks on your doors, leave your store open and unattended, or forget to install an alarm system. As a blogger, your information is your merchandise, and your blog is your store, so you need […]

Where To Check Your Online Reputation

As I always point out, being present on the most important Social Media pages is important for any brand today. Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter gives customers, and potential customers, the chance to communicate with you directly, ask questions and vent their gripes.

What about comments that are not placed directly on your pages though? The fact that you don’t see the comments doesn’t mean they are not there! Make sure you monitor your brand!

Facebook Privacy Settings are NOT Scary

Every day I see some Facebook friends posting warnings on their wall, warning us about changes that supposedly change privacy settings. Most of these warnings are misleading and it is time that we all take charge of our own settings – none of your friends can take that responsibility away from us!

How the hack?

  More and more of us are receiving strange and sometimes upsetting Direct Messages through our twitter account these days. “This blog is about you” “is this you?” “someone said this really bad thing about you…” Never, ever follow any of the links associated with these messages! What I find most unsettling is that often […]