How Mobiflock Can Help Protect Our Children From Cyber Bullying

Mobiflock offers security and parent control systems for mobile devices.
Our “Digital Natives” grow up with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that is a good thing when done right! The challenge is to protect our children from predators like in Amanda Todd’s case or from bullies.

What Metric Is Important To Measure Your Social Media Success?

You will hear me speak very little about strategy – because there are so many Social Media Experts that overuse the term. However, regardless of if you are using a blog for your business, Facebook for your club, Twitter for fun or Pinterest for your wedding planning, looking at the statistics of what messages worked and what didn’t is important and interesting.

Facebook Privacy Settings are NOT Scary

Every day I see some Facebook friends posting warnings on their wall, warning us about changes that supposedly change privacy settings. Most of these warnings are misleading and it is time that we all take charge of our own settings – none of your friends can take that responsibility away from us!

To spread or not to spread…

“Save time on your Social Media” is a very common slogan repeated in Social Media Experts advertising and a lot of tools are available to create one update and post it to all kinds of different Social Media Platforms. A whole category of Social Media management tools emerged that lets you create one piece of […]