Walking the tightrope

Or… where does Spam start? I teach businesses how to use Social Media effectively. At some point sooner or later the Spam question comes out: “how much can I talk about my business?” Despite all the ratios like “1ad per 10posts” there is really no answer that fits for every case. What is important to […]

How the hack?

  More and more of us are receiving strange and sometimes upsetting Direct Messages through our twitter account these days. “This blog is about you” “is this you?” “someone said this really bad thing about you…” Never, ever follow any of the links associated with these messages! What I find most unsettling is that often […]

To spread or not to spread…

“Save time on your Social Media” is a very common slogan repeated in Social Media Experts advertising and a lot of tools are available to create one update and post it to all kinds of different Social Media Platforms. A whole category of Social Media management tools emerged that lets you create one piece of […]