Panel Discussion: Social Media and Democracy

From the Arab Spring to the Recent Municipal Elections – the Social Media Revolution is reshaping our democracies – or is it?
Is Social Media a fad? Are the changes in the way we perceive and report politics less dramatic than they seem?
How do we deal with the influence of digital media channels?

Is Social Media a News Network?

It is easy to see that what we call Social Media today is well on the way to become a major factor in our lives. This change parallels our desire for taking charge of our lives. Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube make all users equal. I (theoretically) have the same option to create a Media Outlet as the professional publisher.

Using Twitter as a chat platform

Long before we started using “Social Media” as the catch-all buzzword people used “Chat rooms” to exchange thoughts or messages in real time.  I remember these platforms being a little scary and hard to get into – but loads of people used them and may still use them today. In my Workshop “Social Media for […]

To spread or not to spread…

“Save time on your Social Media” is a very common slogan repeated in Social Media Experts advertising and a lot of tools are available to create one update and post it to all kinds of different Social Media Platforms. A whole category of Social Media management tools emerged that lets you create one piece of […]