I am in the process of putting together my offers and recommendations for holidays sales. I had three customer service experiences yesterday that made me reflect on the reasons why I recommend one tool or service over another. Very often there are many services to choose from that do the same thing. Sometimes but not always the prices are different, or there is one or the other feature that you may or may not want. Where providers often differ is customer service.
Take website hosting for example. Yesterday I investigated an issue on a client’s website. After ruling out everything that could have been wrong, I reached out to the support chat of the hosting company. Long story short, the abilities of the support person and her scripts seemed to be less than my own. I wasted a considerable amount of time and did not even succeed in finding the reason for the error. I ended up hiring WPFixIT, a WordPress help service that solved the problems in five minutes and also told me what had been the problem. When I reflected on what had happened, I realized that I am spoiled by the customer service of my favourite hosting provider, SiteGround*. This company has live, trained support people all over the world that help in all the small and larger emergencies. Every time I have a problem the team helps with minimal wait times. Considering the cost of my time and the lost opportunity when a website is broken, this peace of mind is worth a lot more than a saving $20 per year on hosting. There are more advantages to use SiteGround, but you get the point.
The next customer service experience was with my computer manufacturer Acer. I would like to upgrade my computer and am looking for a part. I contacted Acer support and went through a lengthy process to update my customer records. The only result my inquiry had was that I now know what part I need for my computer. The customer service rep had no way to direct me to a way for me to order the part. All I got was a 1-800 number I need to call during business hours to order the (hopefully correct) part. Talk about driving your customers away!
Everyone is wondering why well-known retailers are closing their doors and businesses that are part of our lives for generations are closing. The answer is that these businesses are unable to adjust to changing consumer demands. The Internet, mobile technology, and social media have changed our lives in so many ways. This is THE chance for smaller businesses to stand out. It’s time to out-care your competition.
Coming back to the businesses I recommend to you; All of them solve a problem we have, they are competitively priced, but most of importantly the company stands behind their product and their customer service is top notch.
“To survive in the business of the future, we have to become the very people we are trying to reach” ~Brian Solis
I hope I made you think today!

* I like SiteGround so much that I became an affiliate

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