I passionately teach business owners to use blogging as one of their core content marketing methods. Together we work out a blogging strategy: Who to write for, what to write about and how to format the content so it is appealing to that audience.
But blogging is also one of the most time-consuming forms of content creation. It takes a lot of time to research a topic, come up with the right words and create images, graphics, videos…. and all the other pieces of content I need to present my thoughts to the world. All of this only to be thrown into the huge pool of content already out there.
And it doesn’t stop there. Once published I want to either reach as many people as possible with these thoughts or I want to reach exactly the target audience I had in mind. The motivation is different for everyone and may be for every piece of content. Sometimes I want to sell something and sometimes I want to show that I have expertise in something. Sometimes I want to tell you about something a friend discovered. But every time I want to show you what I feel is important for you.
I do what I can to teach my intended audience. I optimize my blog so it’s easy to read on all devices, I do what I can to help search engines suggest my content to you over what others have written. I create special images to make sure that when you like my thoughts enough to share it the right image shows up for the social media tool you choose. 
[clickToTweet tweet=”And then I send it out there – an original part of myself…” quote=”And then I send it out there – an original part of myself “]
And then I send it out there. An original piece of me or something I learned from others important enough to tell you about. As tiny as it seems, after spending a couple of hours on these pieces the act of pressing “publish” is a momentous occasion. After that, I cheer every time you share my link. I literally jump up and down when you comment on my blog or if I see that my post was read by one of my content heroes.

The Content Abyss

But sometimes my content seems to disappear into the abyss of unread, unloved content on the ever-growing Internet. When I dare to look at my analytics or share counts I am regularly disappointed that the piece I wrote from the heart, that content I wrote just for you, didn’t get as many eyes on it as I thought it should. What that number should be is different for everyone. One thing is for sure, with trillions of internet users, there is always someone I didn’t reach.
It can be frustrating and it can definitely be discouraging. Chances are, those of you with an inclination to supporting others secretly put on their counseling hat after reading my last paragraph. You want to share words of encouragement and appreciation in a comment here or on Facebook or on Twitter. You may even want to cheer me up in person. By all means – reach out 🙂 .
But that’s not why I’m writing this newest piece of my mind. As you can see I keep writing, I keep sharing, and I keep interacting with you. But in my role as social media coach I have to analyze what is happening with my content. Because I know that my clients are going through the same dilemma. It is really hard for a small business owner to find the time in their busy lives to write original content. Often blogging, the most important part of most content marketing strategies, stays on the to-do list. It becomes one of these tasks to do “when I have time.”
Considering that fresh relevant content is increasingly important to make your website and your business found, this problem can be big. A lot of small business blogs are deserted or don’t even exist. Even some of my colleagues that sell content services don’t show a blog on their website.
I almost gave up on my blog altogether. But I had a good hard look at what is important to me and how writing and producing content helps me be a better coach. I also read Mark Schaefer’s newest book “The Content Code” that gave me a lot of inspiration to become a better blogger. 
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If you scroll back in this blog (please do!) you can see that I don’t blog as often as others. You can also see that I have times where I published more posts and then there are large gaps. Sometimes the gaps have to do with large client projects or other factors going on in my life. It also has to do with strategic changes in how I see the role of my blog in my business. 
In my blogging seminars, you heard me quote the statistic that companies that blog consistently receive 70% more leads through their websites. The internet is full of advice on how often to publish and when. There is added pressure to write really long content because it gets shared more and contains more keywords.

My blogging experiment:

GraduateMore leads through my website would be great, so a while ago I started an experiment to blog three times a week. I quickly learned that I couldn’t produce this much content on my own. I purchased content from others (I’ll tell you about PLR in another post). The number of blog visitors increased by 600% as I hoped. But all this traffic did not help my business goals. I gained no new coaching or social media management clients. Nobody from these thousands of visitors asked me to improve their website. I did, however, use a large amount of time and creative energy on this experiment. I stood 100% behind what I posted. Even if I didn’t write the core content myself and saved time on research. I still needed to search and find the PLR content, put my own spin on it and format it to my standards.

The results of my experiment:

  1. Traffic increased by 600% over previous months
  2. I shared a lot of helpful content
  3. I saw no direct benefits to my business
  4. The overall quality of my blog content decreased 🙁
While I enjoyed the increased visibility, I stopped posting so much. Due to becoming extremely busy with work (unrelated to my blogging efforts) and life, I barely posted at all for almost a year.

But I missed blogging 🙁

And I also know that being an active blogger adds credibility to my brand as a Social Media professional.  It took me a long time to get over this blogging slump. I produced other kinds of content; videos, courses, webinars….  I needed to make a change to my blogging strategy so that I could be successful.

How did I adjust my blogging strategy to accommodate what I learned?

 My blog stayed quiet until I realized that I was focusing on the wrong goals:

  • Answer questions I get from my clients and others
  • Create a library of actionable knowledge you can use
  • Establish myself as a trusted expert that practices what he teaches, hoping you will recommend me to a friend as a consultant, coach or speaker
  • Comment on current trends in the digital media world

Blogging allows me to digest what is going on around me and talk about it. I hope you read some of it and that it will help you with your own content creation.

What now?

  • I will get back to blogging more regularly but only if I have something to say
  • I don’t worry too much about the length of posts but will publish what I find important
  • I will worry less about analytics and share counts.
    • Of course, I will do what I can to create shareable content
    • Of course, I will do what I can to optimize my posts so they can be found by search engines
  • Of course, I will continue to celebrate when you comment on my posts or share them!
 How are you doing with your blog? Did my post inspire you? Did you find other ways to overcome blogging obstacles? Please let me know in the comments!


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Digital media strategist, coach, community manager and CEO of BlueBird Business Consulting. Blogger, podcaster, content creator and teacher with a passion. Favourite quote: “To succeed in the business of the future we have to become the very people we are trying to reach” ~ Brian Solis

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