My friend John Thiessen ( @OKDigitalmedia )  is a very successful videographer and has experience growing his businesses for decades. He is also one of the kindest and most inspirational people I know. We have a lot of things in common, including how we approach most aspects of Social Media. I agree with him! “Social Media provides a lot of different touch points between people”

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing John about how he uses Social Media tools and Pinterest in particular.

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John is one of the few men I know that has made Pinterest work. In our interview I learned that this is because of his approach to Social Media and business in general.

Below is the first part of our conversation where John explains his approach to Social Media in general and Pinterest in particular. What I find most interesting is how he makes the connection between welcoming people into his life and at the same time promoting his services.

This philosophy is the very root of relationship marketing and one of the reasons I say “Social Media is Real Life”

Some quotes from the video:

Social Media has a bunch of different touch points and you want to bring your clientele into a place where there is the possibility of a relationship.

Pinterest has become a huge springboard for planning weddings.

You gotta be careful when you try to sell anything on Social Media that you are not trying to sell it. You are trying to relate with each other and you are trying to build a relationship.

After this we talked about his way to use Pinterest to actually make the sale.

My question: “Is Pinterest a good place to nurture this relationship?”

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These are the main points in this section:

I find that if you have connected Social Media mediums the message tends to become too repetitive.

I like to have my products being led to in a multitude of different ways.

Pinterest has a strength because I am fine-focusing on a certain type of clients – brides

John has 4 different business cards featuring different Social Media channels that he hands out depending on the potential client he meets.

In closing we talked about how John uses Pinterest to display the whole person. While he has a clearly defined plan for his Social Media activities the shared side-interests help create build the relationship with his clients.

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I’m not out there to have the most views. I’d rather have quality views than quantity views.

Views that hopefully spread love and possibly get a client to purchase my services.

What is most important is the quality coming from Pinterest: I tend to convert most of my Pinterest brides.

I find that most of my brides that I convert don’t only follow my wedding boards but all of my interests.

As always I find a lot of inspiration when I speak with John. His closing sentence will become a staple in my coaching and consulting practice:

“Don’t oversell yourself and don’t worry about putting too much about yourself out there.
People will like you!”

Check out our Pinterest boards!

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What do you think? Do you build relationships in Pinterest?

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Images with permission of John Thiessen

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