On December 16th 2011 I invited 5 Social Media users to talk about the impact of Social Media on Democracy – The video clips below are a documentation of this very interesting evening and I invite you to browse them or watch them in sequence. The idea for the event was in context with the recent municipal election but also with a CBC Media Panel (please see my previous blog posts)

If you would like to sit back and watch all the videos in sequence – click on this YouTube playlist Link to Youtube playlist

Introducing the Panel

Opening Statements of the Panelists:

Jessica Samuels, Norm Letnick, Jim Csek, Troy Scott and Frithjof Petscheleit

Question to Norm Letnick:

As a Politician – How do you see that Democracy is shaped by Social Media?

Question to Jim Csek:

What was your Experience with Social Media use in the Recent Municipal Election (#kelownavotes)

How does Social Media change the Work of Journalists and News Media?

Do you think Social Media can help Underrepresented People be Heard in the Democratic Process?

How do our Youth Deal with the Changes?

Questions and Comments from the Audience

Closing Remarks

Thank you Streaming Cafe Kelowna for letting us use your awesome venue. Thank you Csek Creative for your support and video footage and thank you so much to all Panelists and Michele Rule for an inspiring evening.

We all went away from the evening wishing we had more time to discuss these important issues. A few follow up activities came out of this already – Jessica posted and Interview with Jim and Norm followed many of his Twitter followers back 🙂

The Question about Youth and Social Media is too important to leave behind and I am very excited that Tara Mahoney from Gen Why Media is going to talk to me next week.


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