To spread or not to spread…

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“Save time on your Social Media” is a very common slogan repeated in Social Media Experts advertising and a lot of tools are available to create one update and post it to all kinds of different Social Media Platforms. A whole category of Social Media management tools emerged that lets you create one piece of content and place it into multiple channels either automatically or with the click of a button.

My colleagues and I often find business owners saying “I don’t have time to do it all” before they discover the real value of their Social Media investment. Using a tool that just spreads the same message around seems logical. But is that really the best use of your time? We are faced more and more with the challenge to not be “unliked” or blocked by our audience.



I also like to use dashboard tools like Hootsuite to create content that is to be placed into the different channels in the most effective time. But today I’m going to stick out my neck and say:

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your presentation for the convenience. Many Twitter users (like me) actually enjoy the limitation of 140 characters for a post. We are very annoyed by the … “” I am not going to click the link because too often it takes me to a Facebook post that only has 2 more words in it. Many users hide Facebook users that feel the need to share all of their Twitter updates on Facebook ( # @ #FF… and all) I know I’m missing posts if they are from or Sendible and that’s because so many people use these tools to flood my streams with a constant flow of too much content. The option to hide the user or the whole management tool is just one click away.

Users prefer different platforms for a reason! I like Twitter for short updates, to connect with people and get tips for more reading. I like Facebook to see what my friends and favourite brands are up to – ideally with nice pictures and easy-to-digest updates. I like reading blog posts for more in depth information. Every channel has it’s advantages draw backs.

Respect your audience – take a few seconds to think about where you are posting your update to! Write a status update for Facebook, post it and then create a shorter version for Twitter – easy peasy…. and did it take so long?

What do you think? To spread or not to spread – Do you plaster your message all over the internet or will you join me in creating a respectful culture of carefully selecting the format of your message?

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  1. Mea culpa. Put it down to being a digital migrant and over-enthsiastic. Do I apologise or simply change my ways?

    1. LOL Thanks for your comment! One of the reasons I love Social Media is that most of the time there is really no right or wrong. The use of the tools is constantly changing and some people have success doing exactly the opposite to what the experts tell them to do.

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