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Adrian Nieoczym

Special Guest: Adrian Nieoczim

Adrian is currently a freelance journalist for CBC radio. He has a 10-year history in journalism, from working for a newspaper, an online news magazine and freelance journalist for major national publications like the Globe & Mail as well as other radio and digital publications.

Welcome to Episode 3 of the BlueBird Podcast!

While I was researching for a blog post about how to avoid spreading fake news I realized that while all of us are becoming curators and editors of news in our lives, there are those that are consciously working on this every day – journalists.

Journalists have long helped us discover news and interpreted it for us. But the success of this big task is not something I would like to discuss today. The Internet, Social Media and mobile devices have enabled us to take part in reporting and sharing news close to us. Generally this is a very good thing, in my opinion.

But there is a dark side to this new opportunity. Without getting too political here, the 2016 US election has shown us the ugly side of social media. The term “Fake News” is everywhere these days. It’s prominently over-used by the US president and his administration. The number of fake stories reported by different sources is so large that fact checking seems next to impossible (which is part of the problem).

I decided to ask my friend Adrian Nieoczym to tell us how a journalist makes sure not to spread false information. Adrian is one of the journalists I trust and his answers in the interview illustrate why this trust is justified. I know from personal experience that he doesn’t just take anyone’s word as truth without being able to back up the story.

As a content creator, I have enormous respect for journalists that cultivate the craft of fact checking their sources. I am thrilled to talk to one of these heroes of mine Adrian Nieoczim, today. He will tell us how he goes about fact checking stories he finds and hears. This will help us learn and apply best practices for sharing and interpreting news we find on social media and other Internet resources.

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