Social Media Is The Oxygen Of This Revolution #SyriaKelowna

As a Social Media consultant I often write about the how, what, why and tips and tricks to make your experience more rewarding. As much as I love doing that, Social Media is much more than that – it represents a fundamental shift in our lives – a shift that can be compared to the impact of the printing press or the industrial revolution.

With the help of many friends I co-organized an event yesterday that brought the struggle of the Syrian people into our small city of Kelowna, BC. Continue reading “Social Media Is The Oxygen Of This Revolution #SyriaKelowna”

Social Media Doesn’t Give Us a Voice, But Amplifies It

Thank you very much for this guest post Jeanne d’Arc Remko. Jeanne is one of the panelists for today’s event in Kelowna: What’s Going On in Syria

Jeanne d'arc Remko is one of the Panelists for the Social Media Event on Syria in KelownaJeanne Remko is a criminology student at Simon Fraser University, with a passion for human rights and justice. Jeanne’s parents are Kurdish Syrians . She gained activism experience through her father, who has been an outspoken critic of Ba’ath party (ruling party of Syria) and was eventually incarcerated for it.

Jeanne is currently a volunteer with the Amnesty International and is a member of Voice of New Syria Non-Profit Society. Her family was the first to rally in Vancouver against Assad prior to this revolution, and she, along with her family  have continued to rally every week throughout the entire year. Continue reading “Social Media Doesn’t Give Us a Voice, But Amplifies It”

Don’t Sanitize your Social Media Presence

Social Media works for connecting people – Don’t sacrifice the “Social” for “Marketing”

Every day I hear Social Media “Experts” talk about strategy, strategy, strategy and nobody dares to ask what that actually means. I wonder if anybody really knows?  The same experts usually claim that every update in Social Media networks should conform to this strategy. If you look at their own tweets they are sterile, perfectly crafted, scheduled and placed. The questions they ask look forced, like they are copied and pasted out of someone’s free “How To Make Money With Social Media” e-book. Continue reading “Don’t Sanitize your Social Media Presence”

The Ultimate Pinterest Post

It seems like every Social Media blogger has to publish a post about Pinterest these days. There is a lot of very good material out there and it seems to be redundant for me to add my twist on this exciting new Social Networking tool. So I decided to go a different route and enlist the services of the exciting new list and curation service Here is what you can do with this: Continue reading “The Ultimate Pinterest Post”

Where To Check Your Online Reputation

As Kristin pointed out in her recent guest blog post “Reputation Management – What If Someone Says Something Bad About Me?” it is important to monitor what people say about your brand online.

This is true for both responding to negative comments and criticism as well as finding and amplifying positive mentions. Continue reading “Where To Check Your Online Reputation”

Reputation Management – What If Someone Says Something Bad About Me?

“What if someone says something bad about me?!”

This is something I often hear when I talk to business owners who are considering building a Social Media Presence. In order to answer this question, I have asked a real customer service professional for help.

Wow Service Mentor signature image

I am very excited and grateful that Kristin Peturson-LaPrise from WOW Service Mentor took the time to write the following guest post about how to deal with criticism in the online and offline world.

Here’s what Kristin has to say: Continue reading “Reputation Management – What If Someone Says Something Bad About Me?”

What Makes Social Media Social?

On February 25th 2012 over 100 Kelowna residents came out and walked in support of the 30K Club – a local charity that gives people a hand-up in (re-) entering a productive sustainable life. Over the years the 30K Club has helped many to find a roof over their head and find a job to maintain that roof. Continue reading “What Makes Social Media Social?”

Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform

It may very well be that I started this whole blog series to be able to tell you about Twitter…..

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The series is designed to tell you a little bit about each of the most important Social Media tools.

I’m introducing the platforms and talking about their best use. I hope my posts help you get a better Idea about the communication sites, everybody is talking about. Continue reading “Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform”

16 good reasons to use Facebook

The second post in this Series is all about Facebook. Everybody is talking about it, but let’s take it apart a little and look at what is behind the shiny “face” (bad pun intended 😉 ) If you read my previous post “What is Social Media” you know that this series is designed to see how Social Media platforms incorporate these three indicators:

  1. Offer an easy option to comment and leave feed-back
  2. Make content available and sharable
  3. Provide an opportunity for (open) dialogue Continue reading “16 good reasons to use Facebook”