As of yesterday I am a fan of Margaret Atwood @MargaretAtwood! The Canadian national TV station CBC aired an interview with Peter Mansbridge (One on One with Peter Mansbridge).

Some Quotes from the Interview:

“Twitter will not ruin literature any more than telegrams did”

“Go back and read all of your Sherlock Holmes over again: Watson is always getting telegrams from Holmes. Sherlock didn’t speak that way but he was talking to Watson in an ordinary fashion. The short form of communication was like that because of the monetary restraint”

“People are using this form to tell very short stories”

One of the key messages for me is:

“The Internet is pushing people more towards being literate. It’s helping them enter the world of writing stories in a way that wouldn’t have been available for people like you or me when we were adolescents.”

I love how Ms Atwood, an important Canadian Literary figure of our time embraces digital media channels in such a positive and hopeful way.

“We love to interact and we will do it in any way that is available to us including smoke signals, carving your name on a tree, writing letters, writing messages, texting on phones, posting stuff on Social Media…. it’s just something that human beings do”

Ok – I’m off to the library to get a book by Margaret Atwood – can you recommend one?

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  1. Hi Frithjof,

    Powerful message by Margaret here!

    We forget that reading online is still reading. Posting articles, or blog posts, or comments online improves our writing skills. Blogging or tweeting are simply vehicles through which we can tell stories. This is why so many people embrace social media and blogging; 2 different channels to convey important messages.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading posts like these because it drills home the point that you can reach a massive audience using SM and blogging. Such an exciting time, right? Anybody can go online, create value, hone their writing skills, build their network and become successful through formerly “non-traditional” means.

    Awesome share Frithjof, thanks buddy!


    1. Thanks so much Ryan!
      I agree 100%. And I am the best example: it’s quite the jump for someone that grew up dyslexic (in my native German) to write a regular blog and be accepted.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nice article! I’m a fan of Margaret Atwood and love how she embraces technology. She has some very interesting speculative fiction novels, looking at what life could society allows lcorporations continue grow their strength and power. “Oryx and Crake” is the first in this series. Another good one is “A Handmaid’s Tale” she’s a great author.

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