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Sometime I hear others lament a perceived alienation from each other caused by computers and smart phones. But my life feels enriched by the people I connect with online every day. For me there is no difference between Social Media and “In Real Life”

I recently went to a Poetry evening at the Inspired Word Cafe where Rawle James read his poem and spoke about about his view of the importance of being connected as human beings.
His words that night touched and stirred me because they reflected my experience about being connected with people all over the world through Digital Media tools.

Later I had the pleasure of speaking with Rawle more about his thoughts, and am happy to share two excerpts of our conversation.

I am deeply touched that Rawle’s views of the role of Social Media in our lives match mine. I am so glad that I met this man who put into such beautiful words how fear can make us push away the opportunities that lie in the new ways to connect with people all over the world.

I invite you to listen to Rawle speak in this video

Here are some quotes from the video:

 That connection you seek with others, you must have with yourself first. The love that we seek from others you must have for yourself first.

If you don’t eliminate your fear of Social Media by arming yourself with information you could be limiting yourself from something that could expand your world

Don’t be blaming the tools – it starts with you

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