One of the biggest developments in the digital space in 2017 is the growth in the area of Facebook messenger bots. Since Facebook opened their Messenger platform for developers we have seen a lot of tools being developed to serve this growing market. However, this technology could open up a whole new level of spammy marketing. In this episode of the BlueBird Podcast I speak to a real expert on using bots for business.

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I don’t know if you know me well enough yet to know that I can get pretty excited about little things like a new tool to engage my website visitors. This morning I received a Facebook message (I really have to tell my Android phone not to wake me with messages) from Stephanie Blake from Social Sparrow. I had subscribed to her Facebook messenger bot a while ago.

Stephanie from Social SparrowStephanie’s agency provides technology based marketing solutions to their clients. From building a strategy to Facebook ads to measuring results, Social Sparrow’s focus is on providing the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) to their clients. As a team that is up to date on the newest developments, Stephanie and her team are experts in using Facebook messenger bots.



Like anything that is new, messenger bots show amazing results. Apparently open rates for messages are around 90% – not bad compared to an average email open rate of 20 – 30%. But I don’t want to bore you with a rant about spamming and misusing your audience. I am confident that those that use these tools wisely will win over those that only sell, sell, sell all the time. At least in the long run.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and 1.2 billion on Messenger via @techcrunch” quote=”Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and 1.2 billion on Messenger via @techcrunch”]

The other development you may have noticed is that more and more websites feature a little chat window in the corner that encourages us to contact the website team with questions or inquiries. My experience with these as a website administrator is that they can dramatically increase contact requests and leads from a website. As a user I must say that my experience is between being blown away by great customer service and disappointment that nobody was there to answer my question and I was put into an email queue. Granted, in most cases I did receive an answer by email fairly soon after.

I had one of these chat options on my website before but took it off because it wasn’t used enough and slowed down my site. The other problem is that I can’t be monitoring my site 24/7 and I don’t have an international team to back me up. I’m also a little afraid to add a whole bunch of emails to my daily workload.

What Stephanie introduced me to is different though. This chat tool is linked to my Facebook Messenger account. I use Messenger more and more and have it installed on my phone. For me it’s much more convenient to answer a message than to log into my website and answer an inquiry there or by email. And it’s more likely that my reply gets seen immediately.

Stephanie wrote a short article about how to install this and you can find it here:… In my case the video instructions didn’t quite work on her site so I watched the video on her Facebook Page.

What do you think? Is this a good way to use a Messenger bot?


Social Sparrow’s Facebook page

Social Sparrow Website

Register for Stephanie’s course at . I’m looking forward to learning more about messenger bots.



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