Welcome to Episode 8 of the BlueBird Podcast.

My special Guest today is Hugh Culver

Hugh Culver’s business enterprises have included creating the world’s most exclusive adventure tours, operating a private airline in Southern Chile, pioneering eco-whale watching, and teaching as a university professor.
His adventure exploits have taken him from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from mountain peaks to whitewater rapids and even included golfing at the North Pole.
Hugh is the author of Give me a Break-the art of making time work for you.
His insights and writings on personal leadership are sought after
by leading organizations, including Imperial Oil, Shoppers Drug
Mart, Royal Bank of Canada, Investors Group, Western Union,
Suncor, Telus, United Way, and the Red Cross.

In this podcast episode, Hugh Introduces “Get SOS” to us. The SOS team reads your blog posts and creates a series of social media updates to promote your blog. It doesn’t replace the need to be active in your social media efforts (otherwise I wouldn’t post this 🙂 ) but it takes care of a lot of the work involved in the content promotion.

Because Hugh and his team are so involved in the blogging world, he also shares helpful blogging tips in general.

I invite you to listen to the podcast and tell me what you think in the comments or by email: [email protected] .

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Links Mentioned

Hugh’s personal website: hughculver.com

Get SOS: getsos.net


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