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Special Guest: Roy Prevost

Roy Prevost is an entrepreneur, international speaker, futurist and a best-selling author who forecasts trends in leadership, customer service and management in the 21st Century. He is unique in North America in the area of preparing small business for the upcoming generation of millennials and the Z generation.

With over 25 years of experience in all facets of management and leadership, Roy is a seasoned professional who has delivered more than 350 workshops on customer service and how to create an environment of trust, openness, and contribution within your organization.

Roy delivers real stories from the real world with real solutions.

Welcome to Episode 1 of the BlueBird Podcast!

Word of mouth is one of the biggest drivers for almost any business and it is at the core of and social media.

In my interview with Roy Prevost we learn about the importance of word of mouth and, I explain why Social Media is an important amplifier for these messages.


Social Media Gives Wings To Word of Mouth

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Roy Prevost

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