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My friend Carrie Mitchell had a dream and she just made it become reality: She created a collaborative work and education centre right in the center of Kelowna. #heARTschool just opened this weekend and I am looking forward to teaching my first seminar “Social Media for Artists” in this beautiful space next Saturday. Carrie and her crew converted an old office space into Kelowna’s newest cultural hub. It includes workshop space, artist studios, and it’s becoming a music venue as well.

I have followed Carrie’s Social Media activities for years now. We’ve been Twitter friends from when she was still @ThePear1 and we are friends on Facebook. Lately I have noticed that she uses Instagram more and more and I am fascinated by how she takes this relatively new Social Media platform to an unusually high artistic level.

Luckily for me she agreed to chat about her use of Instagram and invited me to #heARTschool to do it.

You can hear the interview in the video above and get a glimpse of the amazing new space as well.

The visual artist Carrie Harper uses Instagram to create photographic art and connect with other artists

Carrie loves the way how photographs are integrated into our mobile devices now. She said:

Instagram makes it really fun and easy to take pictures of pieces that you are working on or are interested in

Then she often alters the pictures with filters and frames in Instagram but sometimes she uses other photo editing apps on her iPhone to create the desired effect.

Carrie also adds #hashtags and @-symbols to her Instagram uploads to connect with artists and art lovers all over the world.

She shares her images on Instagram but then also to Facebook and Twitter. That way she has the opportunity to reach several layers of people.

Hashtags are used in most Social Media platforms to link topics and discussions together. While Facebook is still testing #hashtags the users of Instagram have obviously taken them to a whole different level and you can often see whole sentences formed from hashtags. These tags then help us discover new images, users and artists.

Carrie is a full time visual artist and relies on the sale of her art so I asked her if she uses Instagram to sell her work and she had an interesting answer:

Yes but more indirectly. The way I like to use Social Media is not so much to directly sell my own work or push what I’m doing but a way to connect with other people. Especially us artists always have a hard time promoting ourselves so I’m focusing more on connecting with someone else but there is definitely an indirect effect on selling artwork.       Video link

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Do you use Instagram? Care to share your experience?


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  1. If you were an artist, you wouldn’t be using Instagram in the first place. You certainly wouldn’t be using a filter as a crutch. At the end of the day, that’s what Instagram filters are: a crutch, a misguided replacement for a properly composed shot and a decent sensor.

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