You all read the blog post I wrote about Amanda Todd and the problem of Social Media bullying. Since then a lot has happened and I had some really interesting reactions both on the post, on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. We now know that cyber-bullying was only one of the problems involved in this case but it has shed a spotlight on the challenges our children face and how we, as parents, need to help them.

This reaction made me do some research:

Mobiflock offers security and parent control systems for mobile devices. I have to admit that my first reaction was negative because I have seen too many parenting control tools that simply block access to certain websites and don’t educate parents or children. In my opinion these kind of restrictions only serve to create “forbidden” areas that in turn become much more desirable for kids. I believe that children should have computer access only in open areas in the house so parents can keep an eye on the use. I don’t think this works for teenagers anymore though because of the mobility of the technology.

Our “Digital Natives” grow up with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and that is a good thing when done right! The challenge is to protect our children from predators like in Amanda Todd’s case or from bullies.

This is where Mobiflock turns out to be a really flexible solution. I was very fortunate to speak to Vanessa Clark @vanclark from Mobiflock today. Vanessa talked to me about Mobiflock’s approach to mobile security for children and teenagers.

I would like to  apologize for the video quality


“Technology does not replace Parenting – it doesn’t take away the need to have safety conversations with your kids”
“There are lots of advantages for kids to have smartphones – we want to make it safe for them”
“Specifically for bullying certain contacts can be blocked to protect the child but those messages are still logged so if the situation needs to be  escalated there is evidence”

I also asked Vanessa if she has an answer to the question how old children should be before they have access to a Computer, Facebook account or a smartphone.

My last question was about the point when  control over the phone should go from the parent to the young adult.

Summing up what I learned about Mobiflock it is a great tool to give our children the opportunities a mobile device offers and still have peace of mind and know that they are not alone out there. As a matter of fact (while not knowing enough details about the case) I think the RCMP investigation of Amanda Todd’s case would have a valuable resource in the tracking and logging functionalities of Mobiflock.

The deeper I look into the tool the more applications I see even for us adults. I’m sure a lot of stalking and harassment victims could use some of the functions.

I like the options Mobiflock offers parents. Are you going to try it?

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  1. Yeah, It’s a big problem now a days. But i believe every problem has a great solutions. Yeah, All of you are right. There is a good solution to parenting online to keep our child safe from such problem. It is a software called PG Guard. I have mentioned it’s features following. -PG guard is a simple to use service that safeguards children on facebook. -PG guard safeguards children regardless of devices they use or their location. -PG guard constantly monitors your child’s entire social environment. -PG guard uses unique artificial intelligence algorithms to profile each user. -Each social interaction is analyzed according to the profiles of the users involved. -PG guard informs parents of suspicious interactions in child’s social environment. -PG guard allows parents to educate, encourage and set boundaries online.for more details you can visit here

  2. Before you give kids a mobile devices, it would be nice if you give them knowledge about adult content at first. Advise them that they should not access adult content before they are completely mature. Explain to them about the bad effects to the development of their souls. After that, watch your kids if they really follow your words

    1. Thanks for your comment Rangga!
      As a parent I certainly agree but what I’m seeing a lot is parents struggling with the amount of control. I see kids do things behind their parent’s back because the restrictions are too strict and I see kids having no controls at all.
      I agree with you that communication is the key. So is teaching the freedom to make informed, smart decisions.

    1. Hi Adam!
      How old is your son? Did you know that Mobiflock also gives you the opportunity to disable the phone after a certain time at night?
      Sure beats having to fight over it every day 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by

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