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Like in every election a lot of candidates of in the BC civic elections are rushing to Twitter to get the word out. It is hard to reach a larger group of people in any Network if you haven’t taken the time to build a following. A great way to catch up to lost time is to use what is called a “#Hashtag” marked by the symbol “#”  if you click on terms like #KelownaVotes you can see all recent tweets about this topic.

#Hashtags are one of the most powerful features on Twitter and the system has been copied by YouTube and other services. Often we make fun of them #thenwejusttypeawholestringofwords but tags like #Libya, #Kelowna, #Earthquake or #Tsunami can play an important role for twitter users to sort the ever-growing stream.

One beautiful fact about #Hashtags is that nobody owns them I can use #Gingerbread to promote the Gingerbread House Building Competition and other people are talking about Android phone operating systems. Sometimes  we can agree on a better #Hashtag like this story (Hashtag Hassles) about #VernonBC by my Friend Teresa but sometimes we have to stick with the one we agreed on like #KelownaVotes

Going back to our dear candidates that are trying to make up for lost relationship building time. If you flood a #Hashtag search with too much information users will avoid it. If you just tag every tweet with the #Hashtag you not only show that you are missing the point but you also lose the reach that you came to Twitter to gain.

Social Media is on the way to become our main way to communicate. Some progressive brands are beginning to recognize the importance of building relationships with their customers. We will see politicians recognizing this as well and use democratic tools like Twitter and Facebook to engage their constituents and voters in conversation. Two or three of our local Councillors have already seen the benefits of this way of building trust over time. Others will leave after the election is over. If this blog post and the below video can help others to understand a little #twetiquette this little blog post has reached it’s goal 🙂

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  1. I love what you said (and that its true) Nobody owns a hashtag..although some socalled social media experts will try and telll you that you can actually own one for your brand. I love that we can make them up on the spot, or use them for specific purposes -I’ve used hashtags as a way to find my posts after a long weekend of tweeting about a specific event – helps me remember the important points for that event when I write about it.

    enjoyed reading this post.

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