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Volunteering and giving back to my community plays an important rule in my life. All day today I tweeted pictures from the second annual Gingerbread House Event in Kelowna, BC to promote the event. The competition raises funds for the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club. Dragon Boat friends of mine created this family event and I am proud to help promote it mainly using Twitter.

This year we thought we would take it one step further and submit our own creation in the open category. Since I am the “Twitter Guy” it had to include blue birds of course 🙂

Tweet4Ok Gingerbread House

Once upon a time there was a couple that for reasons unknown to us decided to take their kids on a hike and lose them along the way. Fortunately Hansel the older of the two overheard the parents making plans in this direction and marked the trail with gingerbread crumbs so the kids eventually found their way back home. The Parents told Social Services and the press that they hadn’t filed an Amber Alert because they thought their children had gone to friends to hang out and play video games.

When the parents tried to trick the children a second time Gretel, who was a bit of a nerd took her smartphone with her. When the parents left the kids behind again Gretel used her Google Maps app to find a nearby community of Hippies that had built a Gingerbread House colony in the BC interior. There were lots of different cabins hidden here and one of them belonged to an old children’s rights activist that was outraged by the neglect Hansel and Gretel had suffered.

The activist went straight to her neighbors in the Ginger–Twitter-Birdhouse because she knew that the three little blue birds had millions of tweeps all over the world that could spread the word in no time.

And so they did, the twitter birds sent out tweets, posted pictures on Facebook and Blogged about the incident. Soon the story trended on Twitter worldwide and drew attention to the two victims.

Hansel and Gretel were allowed to stay in the community if they wanted and the old activist told the story to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Dragon Boat Team in Kelowna BC.

To commemorate this story of hardship, rescue and social media use the Red Hot Chilli Paddlers organize a Gingerbreadhouse Event every year. The Funds raised are used to help the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club make more children happy and the Twitter birds come every year and help promote the #GingerbreadEvent on Social Media.

In 2011 the Twitter Birds decided to put their house on display and greet every one that came to watch all the wonderful entries



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