Are you sitting on the fence about blogging for yourself or your business? I understand! I too have been frustrated but I realized how important my blog is for my readers, me and my business.

Let me list a few of the reasons and then tell you how I can help.

  1. Show that your business is still alive.

    A few years ago a client asked me to look at 100 local small business websites of past clients. Most of these had some kind of blog or news section. Sadly most of these 100 pages had not posted any updates in years. I realized that the fact that these websites had obviously not been updated in a long time made me question if the business itself was still active.
    I know customers could have contacted these businesses and checked. In reality though, most people would not bother but rather go with the business with the fresh website.

  2. Drive traffic to your website – ranking.

    Search engines are in the business of showing their users the best results for their query. Most of the time newer content will be more up to date. It will be of more interest to us and be more relevant. That’s why search engines love fresh, relevant content!
    In a case where two sites have an answer to the question you type into google, the newer content will rank higher. Meaning it will show higher on the list.
    Another SEO factor is that a site that provides a lot of answers to users and serves as a resource for other pages will be more valuable to its users and to search engines. Every blog post is a new page to google. More relevant pages = more trust = higher ranking.

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  3. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

    Technology, the Internet and Social Media have given all of us the opportunity to create and publish content. What was formerly reserved for the educated or wealthy few has been replaced by a mass of information. Before you could go to the library or a bookstore and choose from a few works on your topic of interest. The author of the book automatically became your trusted expert. Today it’s not enough anymore to publish content and wait for people to consume it. There are many publishers out there and it’s easy to find content. An active relevant blog helps people know quickly that you have the answers to their questions and can provide the service or product that they need.
    Would you not hire this person or buy their product over the competitor that does not have that information readily available?

  4. Create a library of resources.

    I have been blogging since 2009. In this time I have written many articles on my blog that answered questions my clients or others had about topics like Social Media, Facebook, Twitter other Social Media tools and blogging. By publishing the answers on my blog I was able to help those that asked but I also created a resource for others to find and for me to share. Today I am able to send people a link to an article I wrote about the question they have.
    Your blog is also a great resource for content to share on Social Media. Because the links go back to your website, visitors who click will be exposed to your services and products.

  5. Connect with others.

    To me, blog posts are almost Social Media posts. I am a strong proponent of leaving blog comments open and, despite the fact that blog commenting currently seems to be suffering from a decline, I celebrate every one of your comments. As a publisher I can open a discussion, my readers can add content or insight and can ask questions. I hope this deeper connection to content will see a comeback. I am hopeful 🙂

blogs are like puppies

But blogging is a lot of work!

In your content marketing efforts, maintaining and growing a blog is a lot of work. Given the advantages I listed above it’s worth it though. Your blog posts can save you a lot of time explaining things over and over and by driving new traffic to your website they can increase sales for any kind of business.

Yes, researching, writing, formatting and promoting a blog post can take hours. But like with many things “practice makes perfect” you will find that if you blog regularly things will get easier and faster. There are tips and tricks to get you going faster as well!

It is also more and more difficult to stand out in the overwhelming amount of content out there. But there are ways to deal with that issue too.

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