Every day I see some Facebook friends posting warnings on their wall, warning us about changes that supposedly change privacy settings. Most of these warnings are misleading and it is time that we all take charge of our own settings – none of your friends can take that responsibility away from us!


Social Media is Real Life!

Common Sense : sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts ~Webster Dictionary

Just like in all other areas of our life we have to use Common Sense! We lock the door when we leave the house and we don’t write our PIN number on our bank card….

Social Media platforms are tools to express ourselves, stay connected with others, share knowledge, ideas, pictures of cute kittens and our babies. The number of Internet users is huge and growing every second. This means that we have a bigger chance to connect with amazing, helpful and general people and also that we could get trapped by crooks and thieves. That doesn’t mean that we have to be scared but that we have to make informed decisions.

Facebook makes changes to stay interesting

Many of us don’t like change – so why does Facebook continuously make changes? Because every tool, product has to keep up with changes it’s users demand and ideally offer changes that are innovative and unique. Sometimes this backfires and is dialed back. More often however, the changes facilitate a change in behavior of a large number of users.

Setting the Tone

There are many ways people use Social Media tools and there are many preferences on the level of privacy we want. There is no right or wrong and that’s why there are choices.

The place to start checking your privacy setting is in your Profile settings. Find the little Arrow in the blue top Facebook bar Frithjof's Facebook header and select “Privacy settings”Facebook Privacy settings

Here you can also set general settings like these: How to connect on Facebook

Think about who should be able to see your updates. If you want to set the maximum settings, simply set everything to “Friends” or “Only Me”

You can set the same to govern if and how you can be tagged in pictures, who can send you messages and who can post in your timeline.

Facebook’s new Timeline makes it easier to browse through your past Facebook life – if you are concerned about your privacy settings of the past you can adjust the privacy setting of all previous posts under Limit the Audience for Past Posts

The Facebook News Ticker does not change your privacy settings!

Let me start with outing myself 😉 I love the new Ticker on the right hand side. I have discovered many discussions and posts I would not have noticed otherwise. The ticker makes us more connected – more social.

If you disagree and you have updates you only want to display on your closest friends’ walls you can now adjust the privacy on every post:

Setting your Facebook privacy settings with every updateBefore we looked at default settings – now you can adjust the privacy settings for every update individually.

I use this feature because I have allowed subscribers that can see my public updates. Most of my Updates are public on purpose but if I want to share something very privately I change the settings in the drop-down menu you can see in the screenshot.

Careful: Facebook remembers this last privacy setting and will mark all future updates the same – so make sure you check the privacy for the next update.

None of your Friends can change these settings for you on their end! If you see the common “Please hover over my Profile….” re-posted plea to change some settings – please send them to this very good post about this modern myth:

Facebook’s ticker privacy scare, and what you should do about it

The New Facebook Timeline does NOT change your privacy settings!

Other than being able to display your Social Media life much nicer now it is easier to find old updates from year ago. You should browse through your postings and hide, delete any embarrassing posts. Or simply change the privacy settings like you do with your new updates. You can go in, add posts and pictures, hide updates you don’t want to show and feature the really neat ones.

Set Privacy settings for each new update


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