The digital media space is full of all kinds of people. This blog series celebrates those that stand out. Those that do things differently, those that reinvent “the box”.

On the blog today is Sean Smith also known as ThatSocialMediaGuy @SeanSmithCR. He is a Social Media Coach based in Campbell River on Vancouver Island BC, Canada.

To some Sean is better known as the head behind the Dear BC Ferries accounts. Sean is also chief Coach wrangler for the Social Media Camp conference in Victoria and many other things.

Sean does something few of us social media people focus on.

He teaches high school programs.

Here are some highlights of what we talked about:

[2:30] Let’s start with your definition of “Social Media Coach” – fair warning, I might use it for one of my BlueBird Dictionary posts 🙂

Sean is actually changing his focus to Social Media Educator because of the high school program he is teaching. We also talked about our definition of “coach”.

[5:35] You go to high schools and have great success with your programs. Please tell us some of your experiences.

Sean reports that the use of Social Media by teenagers is much different than we think. He says that the way the tools are used varies from school to school and is influenced by the socio-economic makeup of the student population.

Sean is also teaching the teachers. He has met some incredible youngsters including one that is already running a successful business.

[8:52] “Helping kids get a grasp of what their social footprint is and how to use it. And then watching them grow and understand how that works and how to be successful with it”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Watching the first kids get jobs because of a really good @LinkedIn profile was awesome [email protected]” quote=”Watching the first kids get jobs because of a really good LinkedIn profile was awesome “]

[9:35] Having an active social media presence is increasingly important for job seekers. Do you think your students are aware of this?

Even most adults don’t realize how the social footprint is important and visible. Even for scholarships, jobs, and university admissions. The social footprint is replacing “the first interview”.

[12:09] I see many being so scared of posting the wrong thing that they stay away from social media altogether. Do you see that trend?

This is where Sean sees some of the eye openers in people. People don’t understand that the workforce is looking at the social footprint. If they see no profile it’s no longer the case of “oh they are very cognizant of their reputation” it’s “Either they have something to hide” or “They are technically inept”. Now this reputation protection has turned into a detrimental thing.

[14:03] Sean’s own use of Social Media has changed now that he is more aware of the impact of his actions on social media.

[15:52] “I fixed bullying because I got these kids thinking about the impact of their actions online”

[20:40] Sean meets parents that have been careful that their kids have no online presence. Their eyes are opened when they see that their kids are online if they like it or not.

[22:00] Sean is writing a book called “The Digital Playground” to help educators to carry his message to more places.

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