Today on the BlueBird Podcast I speak to Ryan McKenzie who used his experience in the magazine publishing industry to build a successful subscription box business by offering superior value and a community to his customers.

Ryan published an article on LinkedIn that described his expectations and experience with starting a subscription box business. His piece triggered a lot of interest because his idea seems to be very brave and the way he openly describes what he learned is very impressive.

I invite you to listen to episode 20 of the BlueBird Podcast and let me know what you think in the comments.

Ryan McKenzie is one of the partners of My Passion Media and the VP of Canada Wide Media. You might have seen the magazines these companies publish.

They have used their experience and network in the subscription space to add subscription boxes to the mix. These boxes contain “surprise” products that are sent out to subscribers usually every 90 days.

By offering a community and added value to the subscribers, the number of subscribers to each box keeps growing and very few people leave.

Learn more about subscription boxes by listening to the podcast.

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