[clickToTweet tweet=”In a world of copy and paste, it’s refreshing to read The Content Code by @MarkwSchaefer.” quote=”In a world of copy and paste content creation, it’s refreshing to read The Content Code by Mark Schaefer.”]

I’ve been a fan and regular reader of Mark’s blog {grow} for a number of years now and I have recommended and given away his last book Social Media Explained because I consider it one of the best books to explain how social media works. The Content Code is his latest publication and it is a game changer for me.

Mark Schaefer Content Code
Each of the little tabs is a quote that inspired me.

The Content Code

The world of social media content creators is full of those of us who read books and blog posts and then republish it in our own words. People like Mark Schaefer go beyond this and create original content worth reading and digesting. The Content Code is another example of this. I just finished reading it the first time and the book is filled with my annotations and little post-it stickers marking passages that “ignited” my mind by offering seeds for my own thoughts. I can now work through it again, expand on these thoughts to write my own content, and teach my own “alpha audience” about what I learned from Mark.

[Spoiler Alert] Mark discusses a topic that has been bothering me for a while and poses a big challenge for all content creators – “Content Shock.” The term summarizes the problem that there is a flood of information competing for our attention. Sometimes this over-supply is called “noise” or “information overload”. The challenge for us is to break through this and create content that reaches our audience.

He also introduced me to the term “Alpha Audience,” meaning a group of dedicated fans that help “ignite your content and help spread the word about it. It’s important to treat this alpha audience well and keep them close. One of the reasons why I am in Mark’s alpha audience is that he “walks the talk”. He has personally researched the topic and he actually does what he suggests his readers should do. Mark has a Facebook Group called the “Alpha Audience” where he gives background information about new content and discusses questions around future publications.

The Content Code has helped me overcome my doubts about the future of this blog. Stay tuned for a post about this very soon.

As you can see in the image, my copy of the book is full of highlights and tag that will help me “ignite” future content. So I won’t be able to lend you my copy. However, I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to be successful with publishing content!

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